Your body responds to mental input as if physically it were real~

Can you imagine if we actually had the understanding and/or power to use more parts of our brain  more effectively with a better understanding of how it works.  How we can train our brain or manipulate it to use it wiser and learn quicker.

The more we train our brains the more we learn and the more we intellectually grow. An interesting fact I was taught is that the conscious mind controls our brain 5% of the day, while the subconscious mind holds our thoughts 95% of the time.

The past few weeks the internet has been flooded with pictures of Carrie Fisher.

People talk about her performances, her beauty, her kind heart, her innocence, her sins…

Shockingly, many followers had no idea Fisher had Bipolar Disorder and struggled with numerous dysfunctional experiences, that made her a victim on so many levels.  It is easy to be a victim  when you are surrounded by people who don’t have your best interest at heart and truly don’t care about you.

Mental illness is a very unique illness to deal with. You don’t get the sympathy from mental illness that others get while battling physical illness.

Families dealing with mental illness fight hard for the whole family system to survive, and you lose family members along the way who don’t understand or refuse to try to. Some people even lose the most important people, like their parents or maybe even the very own children you/they raised who just can’t deal with all that comes along with mental illness.

A  mental illness is a very different type of disease, as you battle and fight hard sometimes for days, weeks, months, years, people around you aren’t patting your back, wearing clothing articles for the mental “cause…”

You have few cheerleaders, no one is starting funds for the family while no-one was able to hold a job because of the illness and while the whole family paused to learn to survive they had to learn to roll with the worst punches.  Few ask how they can help, if they can help make dinner for the kids-you still had to figure that out while  battling with the hospital stays yet again. Few pray for you/family, yet you spend all your time in prayer asking for help.

Mental illness does bring something out of the people in society, more and more outright ignorant judgement.  As you fight hard to stay positive for the family even while mental illness wants to bring you down, yet your  determined to beat that bell, and use all you can to get back up, you survived, for now, you are in a sort of mental illness remission, but you don’t get the… compliments others do while fighting other physical diseases, you just go on…

In the meantime, friends lose visions and truths of who you really are,

while they have fixated on the different behavior while the illness took you/loved one down for the count.

People don’t understand the sensitive state you’re in, how much you really just need a friend to listen, be there, show they care.  People don’t understand why you couldn’t make their party, you dodge invites due to overwhelming stimuli, it isn’t fair especially when you had your heart on attending, the unknown makes it hard to keep your word; and explanations to them sound like excuses and you’d rather not explain, so there goes motivation and another so-called friend…

People don’t easily forgive accusations made by a person who completely believed them to be true at the time.

The way you feel when a dream you have seems so real, imagine having that exact feeling while you are awake. How can you define another soul by false thoughts, absurd behavior while they were ill?

The plain truth is, it isn’t a disease people want to even think or talk about, and maybe don’t have the energy to want to understand.  People may try, but it is easier to remain ignorant, play stupid,  and it is easier to just say, “they are crazy and that is it.”

The hardest truth is while the immediate family has the position to experience all of the division that takes place in the family unit, a lot of times the individual with the illness are not able to talk about their illness no matter how intelligent that person maybe, due to the fact they are seeing through a different lens where no problem exists.

So, while the person struggling with the illness and the person’s family member or #1 supporter fight the illness, they fight very separate battles.

Every soul has different feelings, moods, and needs so you can’t read about an illness and group any individual into that group… That would be like you saying all women menstruate therefore all women are the same. People with mental illness don’t always see the changes that everyone else in the “frontline” may notice.

While their behavior can be “set off” due to daily stress and immediate emotions; this person we care for needs our support.  Unfortunately, this is just about when support dwindles because people have enough problems of their own, they are busy; they don’t have no time for none of that

until it affects them personally… and then all of a sudden you are drawn to those types who you referred to before as stupid for sticking around…

Learning more about mental illness,

Talking more about mental illness, is the way we will all learn to best cope with mental illness.

I said before you can’t lump everyone as the same, so I can’t speak for everyone with mental illness, but I can speak from personal experience.

The people, myself included in some fashions who have a mental illness, are the coolest 😎  cats I know; they feel a lot so are usually in tune with a bunch of their feelings.

They are creative geniuses they think way outside of the box and create from passions not many inside the box can fathom. They are quick-witted, can be charismatic and when they bond, you can feel the genuineness you want to claim this person… “your friend.” The work they create is unique out of this world, people are drawn to collaborate with them, they just want a piece of it and they yearn to learn from their artsy side.  Then the shift comes, all of a sudden another side is unveiled, the truth of “friends” comes to light as everyone flees because they fear, become offended, or just can’t deal with the unknown.  When the chicken sheeeett comes out of people, they run fast and make excuses for why they aren’t around when instead they would’ve been a helping hand to the person and the person’s family.

People are NOT obligated to tolerate friends when they are acting “different,” I understand that, so these same people should understand loss or respect and the friendship when things do make sense again…

People can be rude, cold, and the last thing you need to hear when you’re in a fight match and getting your behind beat is, “you are so pretty, so smart, why do CHOOsE to deal with this?”  Why would you say such ugliness and expect someone to trust that they know you are pretty. Lol 😁 We all know what we look like, we all know what we are capable of…

Mental illness is and has been on the rise, someone you know, maybe you may have it now or later. Bipolar disorder more often isn’t diagnosed until adulthood.  So, if you aren’t affected today; you will be in the future, maybe your grandchild!  I think any parent, grandparent, sibling, child would agree it takes a hell of a person to stay loyal, learn to cope, learn to understand more about the mental illness and continue to love and care for their loved one, when you didn’t have a choice, someone who does today decides to stay and fight the battle.

Schizophrenia-spectrum Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Psychosis, Various Personality Disorders, Social Anxiety, Dissossociate Identity Disorder, Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder, Delusions, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Impairments in Thinking which cause problems in functioning, …

For all those battling continue to be brave, you are NOT alone !

Remember. ..

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