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I picked up my son on Friday, January 27th from school and he looked pretty drained, I could tell he had been coughing all day. I treated him the best I could for the night; fever; coughing; but on Saturday his heart was racing and it scared me; he was scared so I immediately took him to Christus Santa Rosa (Downtown).


He was immediately placed in a comfortable bed with a television to help take his mind off the misery.


It was confirmed he had Strand A Flu.  The nurse’s weren’t overly happy or welcoming; you can tell it is FLU season~ they are STRESSED; but they answered questions, acted respectful and we were quickly taken care of and quickly out.  I don’t even know really how long the wait was; but when you are comfortable and being taken care of it just doesn’t seem as long.


I was told the FLU is vicious as always; hits you hard and fast; and in order to use TAMIFLU you need to catch it within 48 hours or it won’t be effective.  So my flu symptoms started Monday, January 30 and I went into University Health Care; It was a little afternoon didn’t seem to bad; didn’t seem full to capacity; but as the day progressed more and more people were piling up in the hospital.


I have a history of high blood pressure for the past 12 years so I wouldn’t say I have the best heart on the block.  I will tell you from this day on my heart is my priority.

I was basically made to feel it was the person’s I am with’s “fault” because he didn’t barge to the back and tell a DR.  So; barging in on PA is acceptable; or do they just tell people who they think don’t know better that; how would people know where to barge; and what if someone is having a private procedure.

How can a hospital assume when someone’s life is on the line; if you have to say “probably …” that should tell you right there BAD CHOICE!

I had tingling on the side of my body and my hand was cupped in a way I could not feel it; can you imagine the fear I had.  I was basically shuffled to another WAITING room; and didn’t see a dr. for another 10 hours.  I sat there and watched how patient after patient was misplaced; they would wheel them to an area; and call them in a different area, were wheeled out to the waiting room with NO MEDS.  There was 1 nurse; no teamwork; and I actually felt sorry for her; NURSE J even though she pissed me off.

I was pissed when I had been so good about wearing my uncomfortable mask for 12 hours; I had taken off for a second to get my puke bag; and she told me I had to wear the mask ; I am sure she then took her anger out on me because she basically stabbed my IV in my arm


felt like a bully warning who held the power; play nicely…. When things slowed down a bit the next morning; she was nicer; but seriously it took approximately 17 hours to get a bag of fluids of IV as people were told not to drink or eat until seen by the doctor, a man kept begging for fluids as he was gonna pass out, to be ignored. 


just a little joke…

She had to basically ignore the cries and pleas of many; so she could focus and try to reroute a few people who could possibly get a bed in another part of the hospital that cares for mental health; which of course they refused every chance they could; because who wants MORE work.  So their 4 patients vs. 70+  didn’t matter.  I am sad for humanity; especially the elderly.  An elderly woman had gone in almost 15 hours needing dialysis.  The elderly Spanish speakers were rudely told; “I don’t know Spanish… I don’t understand you,” and further ignored. You have no idea how many people were lying around just waiting getting worst by the minute.

I have spent most of my adult career as a case manager fighting to make a way for the underdog; some are ungrateful, a lot are disrespectful; some don’t care; and expect NONstop assistance; and it angers me; but I have never stopped treating a person like LESS of a person.  I still hugged people who hadn’t bathed; and gave 1/2 of my lunch to someone hungry; so when I get treated inhuman by people who know better; it angers me.

I thought it was ironic as I left the hospital a sign hung up; how serious a stroke is… EVERY MINUTE COUNTS it read; well at least until they can find a bed.

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