Be humble, B… sit down!

Lord Please give me patience today!
In a simple scenario~ Do you have anything you do; that seems to make others who love you crazy… OMG seriously!!! I can’t lift a soda (Big Red) to my lips without hearing all about how I don’t need it by my grandparents! I know it is NOT healthy, I know it has too much sugar, empty calories, yes~ maybe it would make me “feel better” if I didn’t drink it, yeah, I might “lose weight”~ I am pretty content with my body by the way.  I am so tired of hearing it all; I know one thing is for sure; they love me and mean well; but we all do what we do; whether it is good for us or not.
We all have some type of weakness, drugs~ prescribed and street, alcohol, sweets, cheating, being an enabler, couch potato, overindulgence, the list goes on…  anything for that feeling of “completeness.”
I think the truth is we all would like to feel genuine peace somewhere inside; and sometimes we search for that feeling of peace in so many ways; I know for me it is all a matter of balance; and enjoying all those things I do without going overboard or overindulgence.
Genuine peace” is different for everyone; some people have been blessed with abundance but still can’t find peace within.  So many of the temptations here on earth; separate us from God; yet we continue to search for that peace in other earthly substances.
But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.  For he himself is our peace.  ~Ephesians 2:13-14
 We are divided in so many ways; the way we live, who we vote for, what we eat/drink, what God we worship; we are drawn to those times we feel united but we are individuals and shouldn’t all be the same.
Judgements will continue to put barriers between us; if you  are telling someone how to live how can that NOT create hostility.
His purpose was to create in himself, one new man out of the two, thus making PEACE, and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility. ~Ephesians 2:14
It is amazing how many people tell other people how to live; what they should be doing or not doing; what they should be posting or NOT posting; yet Romans 3:23 reminds us that ALL of us fall short of the glory of God.  Each one of us is worthy; yet a lot of us either fall short of feeling our own worth; we forget we are worthy or we put ourselves into a superior mind frame, as if your neighbor is more/less worthy.
I started off the year wanting to learn more about humbling myself; I can say It is 4 months into the year and I have no doubt been humbled.
I know I am not perfect and I have way to many things I need to personally work on to be worrying about how to fix anyone else.  I would have to say; I fall short in many ways; especially when I have sustained myself on my deep faith; and then allow my faith to fade; God finds his way to give me a refresher.
I am not searching for perfection; just a greater version of Michele; who can do that or understand just what that is but Michele herself; same for you and yours.  I know so many are misguided, so many have no clue what struggles you have been through; that is why no one can do YOU better! I know that we want to stop people from doing things that drive them away from what they were before; who they were before; but it isn’t up to you; sometimes people have to be vulnerable to learn; it is the way they learn when they are ready; all you can do is pray for them and hope they get to be play the next part in their life; the next part of who they will be.  You can NOT force anything into anyone heart; all we can do is share our peace and love.
I hope when God feels I have graduated from this hard knocks of humble university he will allow me to attend… the university where I am learning to contain all my blessings going viral. I will never forget where I have been, I will definitely keep forgiving myself for all the stupid sins.  I will continue to pray and keep the faith; and always be grateful in the present.
My whole world is in front of me; what and who I allow; my perspectives and what I allow in my life and heart.  The only way to find peace; is within me, myself through my Lord, enjoying my life, the moment~ the very moment and not wishing for more; but what I have is not just sufficient but more than enough.  Feeling content with myself, knowing I have enough to share, enough to learn, enough to give, I am worthy of getting more if it comes; and knowing no matter what, whatever comes this way~ I got it!  I will stay true to myself, be me, and walk humble and blessed!
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