Give the heart ~the POWER

God wants the very best for us… it is in  his word~  Sometimes it is really hard to believe it; it seems we suffer so much; it seems as soon as we are done with one trial; another stronger force comes our way to fight.


Whatever this life brings us, we have to remember to guard our heart.  It is so easy to become all the things we wish we wouldn’t and say we never should.  It becomes so easy to look the other way when someone is hurting, lonely, or confused.   It can become a habit as we all learn the way~ minding our own business~to stop caring about one another.  It gets easier with practice to learn no stop trusting another soul, and to forget we are loved and worthy.


Each day we are faced with new choices, different problems, but the same heart that has been hurt and wounded time and time again.  We must guard our heart!


It is so easy sometimes to do the wrong thing; especially when the wrong thing is so much easier and makes you feel so temporarily good for the moment.


People feel afraid so they attack others first~


People feel desperate so they lie and cheat.


People feel insignificant so they step on others to get ahead.


People want that quick fix


so they do whatever it takes to get it.


People feel cheated so they get bitter and anger; and they take from whoever is their easy target at the opportune moment.


We all have a choice about what we will allow, what we won’t allow.


We all have a choice whether we will be patient and trust what will come anyway; or we can push and push our way to getting what we want no matter who we hurt along the way so we can get things immediately.

It is hard to let go and just let God; we want to control everything we can; if we aren’t controlling the world we live in we feel powerless.  If we say nothing and do nothing we are seen as weak and dull.  If we do whatever we have to do to get what we want we are seen as arrogant and greedy; we are never truly satisfied unbalanced.  It is ok to be both at times; and it is ok to not know what we feel.


Things don’t always happen right when we want or expect them to, sometimes it feels we have to jump to make decisions and other times it seems like an agonizing crawl to get where you feel you need to.

The truth is we need to practice daily what it is that we strongly believe and that is hard when so many people are followers and don’t really believe in anything.


I know I believe in kindness, generosity, and obedience.  I am not perfect in any way; I am sometimes not kind; and I can be selfish and extremely naughty; but how can I ever triumph if I never practice what I want.


I have been hurt a lot; felt lonely most of my life thus far but that makes me very knowledgable about letting go of people who hurt me; staying safe, not hurting others, but best of all helping those who are hurting.  I understand the lonely cries of another; and I yearn to use my wisdom to empower them and give them a strength they can find through the Lord.  I hate the fact the moment our Guard is let down, we are attacked~ attacked by all the evil in this world.

The world we live in gives us endless opportunities to get hurt, hurt those we love, and hurt others.  It seems as we are wounded; we put up those guards to heal or protect us so that we won’t get hurt in that same way again, we become watchful of all the signs we assume will come again; we become paranoid to catch the pain before it happens.    Healing is difficult, it takes months, years, and sometimes we never heal; and are never the same.

The problem is we will never be so wise to know every part of anything; and while we may think we are a professional of knowing because we lived it before; we really do not know.  A whole history of pain cannot give you a true comprehension of understanding of how and why; and sometimes it is best to just learn to let it go; give it to your heavenly Father, and know it is 100% safe and secure with him.  We need to become courageous and let go and trust in him.

Prayer, believing in God; talking and trusting in him is the way; while it is not what you will most likely  hear from most; you need to know only through God will you find your way.  I am only sharing what I know to be true with you because it is my strong belief, a truth that is 100% correctly directed to your destiny; a truth that will set you free and show you the direction to the kingdom.


I am wondering who will come along with me, who will share the same beliefs of kindness, generosity, and trying to be obedient; you don’t have to write or have fancy wording just talk to him; you and him… in your home, in your car; wherever you are; give him your attention; let him in your heart, he is knocking!


Everyday; we grow because of our struggles; don’t become bitter become better! It is ok to change your mind; sometimes the wind blows in a different direction; trust what you feel.


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