Walking with… forgiveness, hope, and love! Come along~

Some of us spend so much time being disappointed with our life, with the person we spend it with the most, whether we like it or not, our own self!


It is so hard to remember that when we are born, we are perfect beings~ God made us pretty~ special and ORIGINAL.  We then spend most of our lives trying to conform and fit into a puzzle along with all the other pieces in the world.



Many of us, don’t have it easy from the beginning; some people start out in this world with their basic needs not being met; and others struggle to just feel safe. Born from parents who didn’t plan for a baby~child~ and then here we are a human being finding a way… Others are raised as a witness to domestic violence, with innocent eyes learning before they even comprehend love is not supposed to be this way.

One picks themselves up off the bottom and “wins a few goals”, once, twice, and a whole hell of a lot of misses and each time it hurts like no time ever before and we go back to feeling that same nothingness we felt repeatedly; never even thinking about where we have been already, how far we have gotten, what we have experienced and achieved.


There is something so spectacular when you first fall in love with someone you would do anything to make them happy, you would drive around an old truck for hours listening to music, singing to them softly all their favorite songs while they rested soundly with their head on your lap.  You become creative in all the cheesiest ways possible just to see them surprised and smile.  You think about their wants their needs

the rest of the world~ where are they??? we forgot all about them!

You protect them with all you have, and no matter what they never ever feel scared because they know you would never allow them to go down.  You loved me first, before any other my security my desires I was first… and wow, this, this unconditional love, was enough.

There isn’t that many people who are loyal to the core… when you find one, you know you got one but it still doesn’t mean they are perfect because none of us are.  I can’t stand all the people who point their fingers …. Love to talk… act like they don’t make mistakes or their family doesn’t; that is a huge lie.  Some people are in the wrong place at the wrong time and must pay dearly for something so many others get away with.  Loyalty stays no matter what; when trouble comes, the loyal have your back they don’t bitch out because of fear; they stand tall and fight strong like a protective wolf they are too busy defending their pack, they are too busy staying focused they don’t yield to fear and no matter how confused and perplexed they are to the “why’s” they keep up the courage as to not allow in despair.  Loyal people know loyal people they are rare but exist.

Don’t forget who you are!

For anyone to say their life has been a constant uphill climb, you are a liar; and for those who are made to believe others live that way, don’t buy into it.  We all hit dead ends; and sometimes for some reason when things seem to be flowing ok, we find that we have been swooped up by a vulture that is only here to eat on us till we die.  We can’t become discouraged; we need to know that we are enough already, we can always do more but we are enough just as is.


Tonight, my daughter taught me a lesson, my 10-year-old daughter as we were discussing angels, God, and even Satan… I spoke and later realized a dual message was relayed to the both of us…  I told her that it is so easy to keep score; watch all the things someone else does wrong, why are we talking about the mistakes others make when we make our own.  We get hurt by those we love, and we stop loving understanding them and then we are no longer connected with love.  I told my Miley, always, keep LOVE…always choose love.  WE have to forgive our own self too for our own mistakes and errors and love our self.  When we try to understand and forgive another; we are really healing our own soul.

 If you have hurt me, I forgive you; I forgive you 100% and I hope you will forgive me because I am sorry if I have hurt you.

Let go of the negativity and remember all things are possible through him~

God taught us in the most profound way that he always finishes what he started…


When you start feeling optimistic when you begin to feel hope, you will know you have been renewed. Like a warm comforting blanket love will always be the way, remember your courage and loyalty because just as you put up your shield to protect those you love, God is your shield.

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