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Life can be so disappointing; it seems every turn every hurdle; just when I think enough is enough I pause and realize I lost, and sometimes it feels like everything is gone.  Life as I knew it before, will never be the same, not like anything I knew; and it really scares the shit out of me.

The thing is, I have a plan and sometimes my plan and God’s plan isn’t quite meshing.  Sometimes I am stopped, bolted, shocked, whatever way works best for me at the time on that particular day, God knows what will be the most effective.

We are all put on this earth for a purpose a personal plan and reason.  Each plan we hold is so individually crafted that no one else could do it but each person themselves; that is why we are born~ crafted with a purpose.


We all sin,

make mistakes,

we have ALL hurt someone unintentionally/purposely and maybe didn’t handle it the way we would’ve in retrospect, or  missed opportunity, wrong place at the wrong time, regrets is common for us all, that is when we get down and want to stay out of dodge.   We ignore friends, family, anyone who cares~ but put too much pressure on us for answers or guilt, we don’t want to burden those we love so we make excuses.  We stop doing all those things we are made to do; all those specific special things that we are good at and make us happy and keep us real to who we are inside.

God made you capable, he made you capable to get through anything, just as Jesus did.  Jesus really understands, he is on your side!

Stop for a minute and think about all the little things you enjoy that you forgot about; or that you just don’t make time for anymore.

Visiting favorite places, being with people who lift you or make you feel alive.

Credit Luis Andres Sanchez

Think about the talents you possess that you as an individual no longer take the time to do; that is closing yourself off; you are not using the gifts God gave you for your purpose.

How do you expect to do what you were sent here to do?  The more you tap into your self that inner spirit a whole bunch of talents will burst out like a jack-in-the-box springing forth; so don’t stop; no matter how insignificant the rest of the world thinks your gift is; don’t stop!

You can’t live for your mother, father, grandmother, siblings, friends, neighbors, you have to live for God and YOU! You will never be “enough” for everyone you love on their specific terms and be content.


When you find time to do what you love or makes you happy, you will feel confident; and if you don’t move on.

It takes courage to do big things in this world; people will fight you and the devil will stop you in any means he can; so keep God near and you will win in the end. Accept whatever comes your way; that means saying I accept this, even if I don’t like it… I accept this is in my plan right now; and give the future to God~ he’s got it handled; but today make most of today~ live exactly how he would want you to; and remember if you ever just can’t decide ask yourself, “What Would Jesus Do?” and go from there.


When you live to the fullest on the path, keep going and your dreams will come true, and there you will find life and joy…


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