What is my price?

I have been asked, what is your price? What is your worth?

For you have made him a little lower than the angels, and you have crowned him with glory and honor.  ~Psalm 8:5 NKJV

Do you like yourself?   Do you feel you are living true to your souls destiny, do you feel your living where God wants you to be?

Sometimes I truly HATE and DESPISE myself; struggling with the hard knocks of life is tough and sometimes I feel stupid, weak, and lost.


I can make understandings and allowances for others and remind them they are not stupid, they are strong and maybe just a little “off course” 😉 but for myself… I go hard!


The last few years has been hard; especially the past year; but I am not the first person to suffer and I won’t be the last.


People suffer everyday; and everybody feels their suffering is the ultimate suffering.


The funny thing is no matter how sad, down, scared, or lost I feel; my spirit has been preserved.   My spirit is strong and tenacious, it is happy, and it rises, it is joyful; and navigates to my purpose…  if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here sharing this testimony with you… and if your spirit wasn’t preserved you wouldn’t be able to feel this and know this message to be true. Real faith shines through, it remains even after the most trying difficult times.

Rebel at heart it’s seriously what Michele is made of,


I know that I am definitely one to push the envelope if its near me; but growing up I also learned the importance of behavior.

Crowned with Glory & Honor

Behaving in a way that is true to who I feel I am deep inside; not saying I haven’t done some things that would make my angels cringe; but I have a good heart and try to always carry myself respectable.  I know that every behavior has a consequence and you will eventually answer to the consequence; sometimes with the world watching and sometimes privately.  I may snap a provocative photo because it is a very strong part of my character I am proud of; but no one will ever see this provocative side of me out in the world; I save that character for my one and only. So while a picture can definitely speak~ a tune of a side of my soul ~you will never have the pleasure of meeting her.  🙂 Consequence~ Pictures backfire; especially with Photoshop, gossip, and evil intent by the miserable~ that is why integrity is important!

Think healthy positive thoughts, for people who suffer with anxiety and depression this is extremely difficult; but guess what remember you are strong! Don’t allow the fear to paralyze you; it is a lie you don’t need an escape; don’t stop~ living, live in the moment and thrive.


Stop thinking the worst possible case in any possible case; it doesn’t control the outcome.  Stop wasting your energy being on “high alert” and enjoy the moment.  Don’t let another soul intimidate you! Let go and Let God; he has it handled!


Don’t let any situation overwhelm you, stop fighting he already carried the cross for YOU.

Positive Self talk (BFF) and remind yourself that you are worthy and you deserve joy.  You are here to live, LIVE! And when your heart is beating out of your chest, stop and pray; you are not alone.  He is right with you; holding you and loving you.  You deserve love and you should put the guard down that you subconciously put up to allow it and protect your heart.  The tough act defense mechanism works temporary; but if you really didn’t care it wouldn’t make you so angry.


You know how to get what you need for yourself; you go out and get it; you don’t stop until you do; so go get LOVE by loving others.


We are loved by God~ (whose opinion should matter most)! Is us being loved by God with our faults and sins not enough proof, not enough security to risk love?  Begin with loving you; and then your neighbor.

Stop finding flaws in others and finding wrongs in them


and realize we are all a work in progress.


One of the hardest things is letting go of pain after you have been hurt.  I have someone who is so close to my soul and spirit; and we have allowed other people to come between us; to allow some other soul to ruin the special soul connection we had; and it is so hard to just forget how it hurts… yet we do it all the time.

and unkown to me, I may have done the same to you 🙁

WE allow pride to win, and the distance gets longer until they fade away.


If you love someone and they make you happy, stop the pride and connect because connections are not just an everyday thing.


Waiting for someone else it ludacris some people really won’t fight for you it is not because they don’t think you are worthy; they just don’t know how; they don’t even know how to fight for themselves…

Find your purpose, I am not talking about what your mama or daddy have always wanted for you… I am talking about living TODAY (and then tomorrow) with those who matter and lift you, with purpose!


Live with a purpose that pleases you and God!

In my boldest hour, I declare the Favor of God! 


My Price by the way is:

Jesus  that is what God paid to save me!  <3
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