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Mother, I am. Happy Mother’s day mamas! 


Mother’s  are forever changing.

There was a time in the beginning when we lost our solitude; and we no longer were our own; we became~theirs,


A mother is born~💞

My mama with my baby Miley

One day It seemed a star fell from the sky right into our arms.


The connection seeped through our skin right into our veins; and swam through out blood; and everyday, every minute they became more and more a part of your essence.


The funny thing is it doesn’t seem very long until that day comes where they gradually begin the need to want to go back into the sky;


they pull away as they finally let go;


while we spend our time concentrating on all the ways to hold on to them because giving them back to the sky is so painful.  But as mothers we are blessed to know that they are still ours even though they are out shining for the world.

We spent so much time tracking their growth, we stopped tracking ours!  And OH how we mother’s have grown, we finally fully comprehend the true meaning of Not leaving another behind and unconditional love.


We try so hard to be confident and calm in front of our children; when in reality we really don’t know what we are doing a lot of the time.


Being a mother is truly one of the most joyful roles I play; it is so simple and true and even when we all change again and again;  but you still see each other the same


because once they were in your arms your life was not your own anymore.


They get older, get sharper; we get older and a little slower~  we still need each other but in a new different way; and just like when they were babies and you made them feel secure; loved, they knew they were never alone because you were always there for them; they will do the same for you and no one quite understands the how’s or why’s; it just happens!

Here; we have mothered from the heart; and little did we know we were building up our own inheritance of love.  Our kids leave us; and we will always be their mother and we will still feel it; even at times when we may feel a little pushed aside.


Once a mom; forever a mom!


On Mother’s day I have to thank my kids for giving me courage; when I was little if I ever saw a roach I would freak; I would scream and freeze in fear until my parent took care of it.  I remember the day my baby Marisa was in her walker and a roach was near and I was so afraid but never before would I face my fear head on; to get my baby safe away from that thing! Being a mother you learn to face roach’s of all kinds, take risk for the sake of your kids.

The roach story was just the beginning; there is nothing I wouldn’t face for my kids; and that is what mother’s do; they battle for the kids when the fight isn’t fair.


✨.•¨.¸.•¨.¸¸.•¨`• ƸӜƷ


Happy Mother’s Day ❤


¨.¸.•¨*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•.✨



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