No Faith, No Explanation Is Possible!


To: One Who Has Faith, no explanation is necessary.  To: One Without Faith, no explanation is possible. 

When you find the beauty in a rising sun watching the colors, watching the blends radiate, when you feel the warmth of its rays you can’t help but to feel something inside your soul.


When you see the waves of an oceans tide, and close your eyes and hear the power each wave holds, you may find a balance within~


it is funny to think that some people believe those things just happen.  When you welcome the colorful fragrant flowers that bloom in the Spring,


feel the wind hit your face~ a gentle breeze being touched by something you can’t explain.


Can you imagine so much more; that we have yet to seen, or experienced?

Sometimes you don’t do things or sometimes you do them because your promised.  promise~ a promise you make that you didn’t realize would be so hard to keep, a promise you don’t completely understand it’s importance; but to someone else they find it significant.  You may not agree with the promise, things change… and when you made it; it was more convenient… You keep the promise anyway; because of Love for the person you made the promise to, and that is when trust is made and eventually you have strong faith in another that they won’t let you down; they will do all they can to live by their word; because in a lot of ways  that is really all you have.

Be Faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. 

People let us down, sometimes the person we love may let us down numerous times; those who have lost all faith in the person will eventually not expect results from that person and end up walking away.  I never want to be a person to those I love that turn away from me when things darken because they have no faith in my friendship.  Don’t let people you love fight for you, fight for them! This world is full of distractions and we often believe we aren’t successful unless we are kept busy; and then when it comes to the things that really matter, we are tired, we forget what that person is to us; and we want, we keep score, and often times they feel taken for granted.

It is ok to not always be so busy in flight; sometimes miracles are happening when you stop flying and allow yourself to be carried. 

One thing I really hate is to think I have been a disappointment to someone I really care for; we should never keep people around who don’t care if they disappoint you.

I pray often,  not to influence God; God has his plan!  I pray to change my mind, when I write I am talking to myself; I am reminding myself of the truth I choose to hold; God perfects me and brings me true happiness! Loving God requires the action of LOVE~ and sometimes when I want to love him; I put it in action in my writing hoping someone else will love God because of what I wrote in their own way.   Reading my love I hope you feel the joy he gives to me, because he will give it to you; I hope when you read my words you feel them and our spirits connect; and I hope when you see my face you see me shine.  In fact; you should include more people in your life who bring you authentic joy.

The truth is I am a sinner and fall short;


and I need to constantly re-evaluate myself.



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