Today, stop waiting!

There maybe a time or many times in your life when you allow the devil to take control, ride shotgun… Sometimes, you don’t realize it, you don’t obviously~ choose him.  Sometimes he/she makes it in real slick like, using circumstances and people you love. We allow “something” to take control over our lives that we wouldn’t usually for a number of reasons; maybe we feel lost and our looking for a way, a better way or maybe we feel we have to because if you don’t you will lose yourself faster than you can think.  There maybe times in your life when you are scared or full of fear so you just let the chips fall how they will, and you soon discover your riding someone else’s train and don’t know how to get off. Maybe you have had things done for you most of the time, and you have never even thought about how they will be done when you are in control… so you just let someone take over~ and then one day you realize your life is not something recognize at all.

People you love are let down, and you just feel worst, have you let someone who means the world to you down, over and over again? Are you lost and reinvented into something you aren’t proud of.  Or have you just always had it hard and it seems you are forever in a world-wind of hope spattered with disaster?

Have you found a way through lies of fake “ups” and hang onto to them because a fake “up” is better than the reality of the down…

Find you! Don’t wait another minute, don’t allow another lie to establish that… What makes you feel proud, what makes you smile, what makes you thrive… God has given us a beautiful world, beautiful skies we love to sunbathe under, waters we want to catch the next wave in, flowers we want to pick and smell, trees we want to sway in our hammock under, creatures we marvel at, we can have fun in the hottest spots in the most happening city… but then it is gone~ and we are left with, us. The us, that lies our heads on our pillow at night, are you enough?  Do you remember a time when you felt like you were enough what were you doing.  I remember a time; I was working at Child Protective Services and I wrote a post about saving a family of eight and a dog… and Woahhhh was it hard work; but wow, did I feel like enough.  I felt like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing because I was using everything I knew, everything I learned and or experienced to connect with another soul to make them want to better their life; for a moment I felt like every fall I had experienced was worth it; because it made me want to change a mind… a sad, lost, confused mind … and it made them want to smile, find, and see…. Everyone has their moment when they felt they were enough… DO IT!  Do more of that!!!!


I never set out to say, I am going to change the world; I am going to change the dynamic in this family… It started out with wanting to protect children, and I knew how to do that; I know what children need; it is actually very simple.  Then, there was a connection from a soul to another soul; how do I get out of this, how do parent, what do I do… and my goal was always to do all I could for the child; and then families were re-created and I felt the difference in the family, in the person, and I knew it was effective, I knew I was.,, I was repaid with a feeling that one doesn’t go out for automatically; but what a payback.

And to know that someone whether it is your child, a friend, another human being; to know that you have a connection with someone, and that connection is so powerful you both receive something significant; well it means everything in the world especially when you realize it was all based on FAITH! Isn’t that what relationships are based on FAITH; is this person for real, can I trust them, are they going to treat me the way I should be treated?


yes, we hurt each other… we all do.  It is sad that we humans make mistakes, errors, or go through seasons, but some of us stick around to try again, to trust again, and hoping we don’t get hurt in the same ways again. Just stay positive!


Don’t take the easy way out; don’t take the short cut… enjoy the road and when you get to the final destination you will see the view is even clearer…


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