Women! fRIENDS <3

Everyone has a MOTHER~ in order to exist, you had a mother at some point who birthed you, we all came from a WOMAN.










daughters, and friends

~~~who are our angels

this article is dedicating to those angels in our life… may we continue to find them, may we strive to be them!


This is a little article about women, friendship; and a few lesson learned along the way 😉 in just the past few days.

I love love LOVE women!

From early as I can remember, GiRlS have made my life heaven & hell… but it has always been another girl who always lifted me up, straightened me out, or guided me in some way.  As early as I can remember, girls can be mean… I remember having issues with girls in middle school, high school who didn’t like me, and they straight up told me I don’t like you, I don’t have a reason… It’s O.K. though I am not put on this earth to be liked by all 😉 and if you don’t like me, you clearly don’t understand me, and I don’t need you in my life at this moment.


I will advise my women, hold on to the goodness inside and don’t allow any other soul to make you hate. Do NOT become a follower and give in to what is easier.

My grandmother is my Queen  


my mother is my strength,


and my daughter’s are my weakness~

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My Sisters In Christ remind me what the journey is all about on the daily;


My friends make the journey of LIFE all worthwhile.

Friendship is very important to me, I am the kind of friend who cherishes the few I allow in my life, which isn’t many, time is valuable and we all know that… only the best get my time.  Lately, it seems the sadness of losing more throughout the years seems to increase and I really need to make more time for those friends I continuously find myself putting on the back burner.  I am understanding, but, if you show me ONCE I can’t trust you, I believe you will show me again and again.  The thing is, you will know I am a loyal friend who will be there for you always and keep you in my heart, just like I do my own family members who are my treasures and I will guard with all I have….

I don’t take a lot of time out to “have fun”, I have my responsibilities and they are plenty just like everyone else’s; but I do know the importance of making the time for those who are important; that is what relationships are all about.

To me as a friend, woman, person… I find it very important to take out time and spend it with ALL the people who matter~

One of my friends Veronica,


wanted to take me out for my birthday a couple of days ago.  WE always have a great time just connecting, that is the kind of friends I adore…


laughing, de-stressing, ranting, letting it go, laughing some more, and finding solutions for life’s kicks in the butts,

let’s keep it real there are times in life we are involved in scandals, we are eating Ramen Noodles trying to survive… we wonder what is next in this roller coaster of a life???  I consider myself lucky when I realize I still have my good ol’trusty friends from the beginning; who have been through so many stages of our lives together; and guess what we love each other MORE and more.

Friends laugh even if its just acting completely stupid together.  Friends, don’t have to make sense they do what they feel and it’s OK… and the plus side is being a good friend is an example that you will pass on and on and on…

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Make time for friendship connections, its important. 

If we are friends, in this life together; if I consider you a friend, you are extremely important to me, friends really are important ~when you have the right ones, and its true life is so much better with them.

June 6 was my 43rd birthday , and me and Veronica had been waiting all week for our date… I began our date, getting dressed ready to paint the town 😉 , in all black like a vixen 😉 and nothing was gonna slow me down…


LOL, come one Gus would never let me go out like this with my “friend.”  Seriously… that was a pic taken today, here is our date night; I had to borrow a phone for the pic; so I didn’t get to take anymore.


No matter what we do, where we sit, what we eat, drink, we leave needing more of what we just had 😉 

The truth is, we spend so much time worrying, and fixing life’s mishaps, we really need to make the time to try hard to encourage one another and help in any we can.  Life really does kick us in the butt all on it’s own.


NO mountain is too high when you have awesome company climbing with you…

There is something really special about the bond of sisterhood and embracing and maybe even sometimes hating all the aspects of being a woman.  It is amazing to be lifted by another woman who you respect


and then its so much more amazing when you realize they respect you too; and you take turns lifting each other up and up  and up.


Women find ways to build each others strength especially during those times we feel weak or less of a woman.


Friends know we make mistakes in this life, because they do to and the other people in their life to do and they still love you; they are NOT fooled by images or lies other people create about you;


and when you start to lose your own faith in yourself, when you feel ugly, they remind you of your beauty~


they remind you, who you are!


They don’t find fault in you, they help you overcome those faults you face! You are always innocent in a friends eyes, because they know your goodness, the goodness that resides in you.

Friends don’t get jealous of what you accomplish, friends don’t silent your message~

Friends encourage you, and you as well, remind them to show their beauty, encourage them even when they don’t see it themselves… because friends are the most beautiful gifts in this life.  

When you feel broken, they help mend you, they try hard because they care about your feelings because you are part of their heart.

My friend Veronica is a beautiful soul, we both find ourselves continuously being tested by life and a lot of the times it is so hard and it seems unfair but we both keep helping everyone in our life who needs it, even when we ourselves are in need.  I love you Veronica and I hope you continue to give, give, give from your heart.

A few months back when I lost my home, my didn’t even have a cell phone, and Veronica wanted to put me on her family cell phone plan because communication for jobs, between family is very important but I told her NO, I couldn’t take that.

I am one who doesn’t like to take from people, but OH how I love to give… LOL I want you to know how much it meant it to me knowing I have friends who have my back even when they are struggling.  I would never take advantage of anyone; ESPECIALLY a friend.

When we look around we see so many blessed with abundance, and we watch people crave for more and more; talk about DIVERSIONS!  If you have enough food, and a safe place to rest, you have enough; and if you are spiritually full you are RICH!

I watch people like Veronica who’s father just got out of the hospital and then almost burns himself along with his apartment; and I can feel her heavy heart.  Let me tell you what Veronica, don’t let any difficult hardship change you from the loving giving woman you are.  Jesus understands your struggle, remember he lived in poverty; and we my friend have enough more of the time.

I will continue on my life journey, along with my BFF’s working for CHANGE~always positive! I know our responsibilities can be overwhelming, but trust in God that he has given you all you have because you are not only able to sustain yourself, but all those who you care for.

Today I told Gus, the other day I was told during adoration if you ask God for help, if you ask him to send assistance then take it; shortly after my friend offered me another opportunity to help me with her Iphone I took this assistance and am grateful; I will continue on what you have given me my friend; I will give, give, give often, and then give some more.


Thanks for the help my friend even if Tmobile is fighting with the unlock, 😉 Thanks for being a part of my life during a difficult time.  Thanks for keeping the Trust in the Lord in your heart, it helps me to remember when the devil tries to make me forget.

Thank you for having so much compassion for all God’s creatures, and being a perfect role model in so many ways… you always have my respect because you are an inspiration; no matter what happens girly, we pick up our cross and walk with it.  I love you; let’s continue this journey laughing; when we are with each other; God said, WE SHALL Laugh! <3

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