Cheshire kitty …meow

Cheshire Cat~Mood of the Day

The devil is playing with me lately, 

there is a reason; but he won’t win.  First thing talk about love as soon as I wake I have been feeling so empty for days, even with God sending his angels and people to fill my tank.  Maybe, I am getting unleaded fuel but driving diesel~

I fight hard, on my way to meet my King because he knows exactly what my soul needs!  I am on my way Jesus!

I need Good love I call it, I have been thinking about it, missing it, craving it, and wondering if it’s for real, and you remind me it is. 

The kind of love where strings are not attached, and the other person accepts you and loves you for who you are, just the way I am.  I close myself off when I get this way, If I don’t accept love from others, am I myself not loving them with no -conditions?  It’s so complicated when we as human beings are so needy.  

I have my eyes and ears open looking for signs lately because I know they are out there and I am praying and asking for them.

I leave on my journey, and I hear the most awful message for me at this time blaring on the speakers~ 

Do the bad thing! Take off your wedding ring.

It’s a song by the Arctic Monkeys about cheating, and how one takes off their wedding ring to either fool another or fool themselves (guilt factor). He goes on to talk about the feelings I hate the most … How a good looking temptation comes around and may become your target. 

The devil knows how to get to us, he knows what buttons to press.  I have been blessed though, I know real, genuine love and I know it exists and I won’t allow fear inside my heart. 

My feelings are changing just like the Cheshire Cat, always changing.  I have found myself in another world… a world that was so fast, and full of intensity, a wonderful mischievous journey, Allowing fantasy to come to life.  The lights were so bright that they seemed right I have always associated light with all that is good.  The lights can be a trap though making me desire more and more until I realized the lights were devious and used as a tool to blind me. 

I found my rock, someone who understood me, loved me, trusted me so I believed in everywhere we went as long as weeere holding on to one another, I was up for the journey.  Then we invited others inside, lies, and Threats but said to our soul we are still in control and we watched others deceive as they usually do, and invited deception into our life… we begin to question our own truth.  

We have curious minds, I crave the new and the exciting but am familiar with obsessive highs that are lies and I will no longer allow you to keep me from thriving and I will no longer allow it to allow it to let me continue to watch you drown.

Wow my journey has been amazing, but time to go home again. Take me home, show me you love me enough….

When I tell you I love you know I need to know I am loved too, don’t just let me know how wonderful it is to be loved !

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