Happy Father’s Day ! 

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To my babe on Father’s Day! There is so much bullshit out there that tells us lies about what a Father is and isn’t, and it’s hard for some men to fully grasp the trueness of fatherhood when they had a crappy role model as a father, or just a father who was absent.  Fathers are not born, they are made, once created they begin to thrive from all the right love they get and give.  It’s not about cutting an umbilical cord, or spreading a random seed… it’s about learning together who the father and child are and working with it from love.  Fatherhood is a choice !

I want to thank you baby for being a true daddy to my heart. One who took over where my dads job ended! You protect, provide, guard, support, try to understand , demonstrate patience, cooperation and a whole lot of love. 

Thank you for standing by our little tribe since the kids were babies, being there for them everyday to making sure they get to school on time, making sure our little people are fed, greeting after school ready to listen most of the time 😉 from sending off Miley to her first day of kindergarten to being by my side the whole middle school intro with the little man. Watching Marisa grow from wanting a quince to becoming a successful strong woman. 

Thank you for all the volunteer time at the kids school always making your presence known. You don’t just do the motions your attentive, interested and fun in all your cooky over the top ways. 

You always show us you love us and care even when times get hard and you sacrifice for us, sacrifice in all the biggest hardest ways you can to put us first. 

You aren’t just a daddy around here you’re a mommy and an all around awesome human being, you’re also my best friend!!! 

Happy Father’s Day today and everyday!

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