Make up isn’t a filter, it Expresses more than you think!

Blessed each day I take the time on my art; my God-given perfect clean canvas gives me an ability to find my center; then I work it…(colors; lines, shades)


No rules in art; no rules~~~~ in makeup; I put on makeup because i love it; not because i feel like I have to or to hide or conceal me; it is about EMPHASIS.

This is my makeup today; I didn’t use filters so you could see as close as possible to the actual colors~


I find it very interesting I have always been comfortable in pinks and purples those have been my favorite signature colors since I was like in 7th grade, LOL but today I was feeling really MIDNIGHT BLUE!

 colors are effective have many different subconscious meanings. 

I always wear a wide range of colors and I have always found after I apply my makeup I am interested in knowing what the meaning of my drawn colors is,,, it is always amazing because it is always on point.  I use make up very different from most; I actually wear it everyday whether I am going somewhere or not; because I don’t usually wear it for anyone.., but yes the compliments are always flattering 😉

I usually apply my makeup when the feeling comes to be; and when I put it on I don’t plan on what I am wearing or anything of that sort it’s just about the colors I am feeling.  When I put on my makeup it is very expressive, and when Gus see’s my makeup a lot of times he will be, LIKE., “uuhhhh ooohhhh she’s here”~ when done dramatic !  LOL


I think makeup application is an expressive application; It isn’t about a look; it is about a feeling so I never know how it is going go to look till the end…

Today was a midnight Blue feeling ~Representative of both the sky and water~ freedom, intuition, inspiration, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, reliable, & faith!

In psychology you should use blue when you want to inspire~ the self!

Midnight blue is very bold, and dark; I wanted to soften it up to display reservation~ not to catch attention to the blue because it is a very personal journey… very interestingly the color blue psychologically comes from a higher level of thinking~ a spiritual level…

I used the VICE palette one of my favorites ~


Hebron ~ is the blue I chose today.

I used a “reddish-purple” hue to soften it Alchemy; and the colors took on a color that was magnificent. The color is actually a deep fuchsia satin with a tad of micro glitter to give it a multidimensional look on the center bottom of my lid.

Alchemy is a magnificent color of Purple.  Purple~introspective color that shows how I have been in touch with my inner deep thoughts, true…. adding the red into the purple has the purple vibrating at a higher visible spectrum, having the energy and strength of a red color but not quite as extreme.

If you haven’t had a chance to ready my latest blog check it out my current inner journey and my makeup are on point and this was completely subconsciously done.


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