To my Offspring, Mommy says~

It seems from a very young age we begin to discover how difficult, uncomfortable, but yet so exciting, it is to venture out into “the new”…



New~relationships, projects, opportunities, school,  home, friends~



The moment I begin to realize my backbone has been strengthened by all those things in my world that are familiar is usually the same moment I realize nothing in this world is rigidly set to make it your only truth.  The minute you find comfort in the familiar should be your indicator that it is also time for one of life’s greatest enjoyments, to find buoyancy in the rarity then you can decide to spring back if you prefer; or forever engage in the new truth as you bounce forward.


My Children, who they are today

My children have had a lot of changes and experiences and I am so proud of the little humans they are today.




My oldest daughter Marisa is 20 years old; she reminds me of my fun self the young at heart soul but with old soul maturity.  Young adulthood, a time that we develop a new type of mature love; passion fueled.


We begin to see life differently; Marisa is completely outgoing but yet so reserved after numerous rebounds from some sort of loss but never losing her resiliency to stay “adhesioned” to her beliefs.  Marisa has a strong determination to independently (as I did at her age) “structure” herself for all the expectations she has created in her mind since she was that little babe forming her own ideas.


Marisa has a strong drive toward connecting with other souls for various reasons but always valuing the relationship that exists between the two; however the feelings are not always reciprocated because very few souls connect on that deep of a mental level.  I find the support, understanding, friendship, and advice she gives priceless~ one of my greatest gifts from above. Marisa and I share a relationship that seems to be under constant reconstruction due to changes throughout our life, growth, understanding, including outside influences… together the magic can be overpowering, other occasions it is a perfect stream, and other times it is the perfect combo for content respiration.

Adulthood when friends change~

Finding your own “squad” can be lonely for a person who values loyalty and selflessness in friendships.  She feels suffocated when the thinking, sharing isn’t deep and meaningful; she finds it a waste of her precious time with souls who don’t want to cultivate. I support her sweet innocence, remembering what it felt like when people I loved hadn’t quite hurt me as they do by the time I got older.  When I see her strong faith, and her optimism toward life even after it has been so unfair it reminds me I am still that innocent in a way because I feel the faith; and understand the loyalty life deserves, I always see  a complete bright future.   😀 Marisa and I enjoy sharing our constant updated progress~understandings in our own personal struggles, the opportunity to blow our own whistle (toot our own horn) when we have the moment of liberation as we experience redemption in triumphs in our own personal growth.  It is amazing to have someone to interchange with on a similar intellect, moral, and spiritual level.  We remind each other to practice forgiveness, especially forgiving our self.




My son, Jay is in 7th grade~he is one of the most thoughtful and coolest kids I know who allows himself to completely lose his cool when he is off and not performing at his optimal level; he really is his own worst critic; and forgets to have fun in fun ;); his intelligence is mind-blowing!  I love to learn, am constantly finding ways to learn more about all my interest; but only as an adult did I have the want to learn more about everything specifically things I wasn’t super interested in.

Middle School/Early Teen

Jay is leaving childhood and entering the early teen years so naturally he hasn’t fully realized his potential; and like me, gravitates to those things he has interest in; his brain has always intrigued me when he is passionate about something he has the ability to be the greatest if he wants.  When he was a toddler he was obsessed with dinosaurs so I bought him dinosaur books and would read them to him when he was a baby.  One day my dad called me and said he had found an amazing dinosaur collection that was a child turned teen ready to let go of his childhood collection which included hundreds of dinosaur figures; when he brought them to Jay; I sat amazed… Jay would line them all up and tell me each dinosaur scientific name, what their habits were, their survival skills… from a toddler; I was in disbelief I got one of the scientific books and would hold up a dinosaur and Jay was always right; he is obsessive with completely understanding what he loves; a lot like his mother and that is a something we both understand and can appreciate.  A strong drive can quickly cause overstimulation which makes us less effective and leads to intense aggravation.  He currently has found a strong passion in gaming,  which has assisted in developing his creative and problem solving skills.  He brilliantly thinks ahead and strategically plans to his destination; definite leadership skills directing or driving others who also want to claim whatever it is for the specific purpose.

He is extremely talented, and can pick up anything that he takes an interest in and will become boss if he so dare wishes.  He is confident at times but question’s himself often as all teens do during the change from childhood to teen years~which is a good thing; shows he knows his worth but realizes he has a lot to learn and actually has an appetite to understand.




Miley is my baby  who is 10 years old and one of the most loving souls I know, she loves from deep within her soul; and you can feel the genuine existence in her essence from the understanding subtle messages she sends.  Miley is a deep thinker, she takes everything in and finds a meaning she trust; very intuitive she interprets things on a maturity level way above her age.  She cares deeply for those she forms a relationship with, so everything received by her is imported at an emotional level, she is very receptive to others even adults; and tends to give back to others using the perfect energy to make it significant.  Miley has a natural gift of understanding exactly what need another soul has been emptied of; and with such a child like simplicity her delivery serves you and makes you feel preserved.  She loves one-on-one time~quality over quantity, just a little time and attention from those she loves makes her thrive at a completely revived level.

She is a soul that glows like the sun, when she isn’t productively applying her fuel she can become hotter to a point of boiling.  Out of her element sends her to a blazing setting; much hotter than her comfort level; recently leaving all her friends behind, finding herself at a new school has left her feeling a little hot and it makes everyone around her sweat.

Miley~ I am proud of your courage especially on those days that being strong is the hardest. 💪  You are so smart and you have a strong drive to want to do; Stay determined!  Don’t ever get discouraged especially when you imagined things differently.

~ it feels like such a struggle when God changes our plans from the way things were to the new improved way he wants for our life to be~ Don’t leave any opportunity behind, this maybe your only moment.  You are a beautiful little lady, with the best sense of humor of any kid I have met, your funny and have a wit~ you say “smart” funny things when the time is right, and your sometimes perfectly silly.  The sooner you realize it is ok to be YOURSELF, you will allow the world to see you shine so beautifully and original~ one of a kind magnificent shine.


I hope you will always remain in touch with your emotions; always sharing and caring with how I feel.  I love that you are creative and have your own style; don’t ever be embarrassed or hide behind what you create because of any other person’s opinion.  I love that you aspire to always know more, about different era’s like the 80’s 🙂 I absolutely love sharing my memories of my childhood with you.

Preteen years one moment they feel like a baby, the next they are growing up.

What my kids need to know; well, for today~ 😉

The GRIND is a lie!

Don’t believe it; you were not made to just be alive and you certainly were not made by God’s hands to follow.  God made you special for your own specific plan and the quicker you realize your only competition is that with yourself; you will soar in greatness; always improving.  Keep people around you who are your cheerleaders the ones who encourage you , the ones who appreciate you for your own individuality and will help you reach your current goal just because it is important to you.

Turn negative thinking into positive possibilities! If you are not having finding satisfaction in something you need to pray and ask God for direction; find a trusted person whose opinion you appreciate and ask them for guidance.  Some people specific purpose in our life maybe to  lead you; as you will be for others.  Always work hard overtime to change what is NOT working anymore… just, don’t settle, EVER.  I am not saying things are always going to be fun and easy all the time it takes a lot of hard work and determination for anything that is worth it. Just like those times when you are at school, cleaning/doing chores, or even gaming through a repetitive play in-game world we get use to those moments when we allow ourselves to suffer in the grind.  We can always make anything more fun, try to fight the repetitiveness of the process, and learn new techniques/shortcuts with time~ perfecting our game 😉 while growing stronger and smarter.   Life is a lot like this; we put up with a little grind to enjoy those other moments that are totally worth it; with those people who make it worth it!


It really isn’t the end that is important, it is about the whole journey toward the end!

Learn as much as you can in school, at home, everywhere and every opportunity you get.  I don’t care how much of an expert you feel you are; you can always find a better way toward an even greater you.  Work now for the future you want, the future doesn’t just happen as people like to make-believe.  We have to visualize the future we want, plan for it, and go get it.

I know money is important, it isn’t the most important thing; but once you understand that there is a really a difference between a NEED and a WANT; it makes the “wants” so much sweeter after you have everything you need, and are able to go get those wants after not being able to do so; you really appreciate things differently.


Remember to always motivate and inspire others; so many people have the FALSE belief that putting others down will make them king/queen~lies.

Remember what our family example has taught you, to love the arts~creating~ making videos, drawing, painting, writing, music, gaming graphics… that is huge with us; EXPLORE in different arenas to find different sides of you and your hidden talents.

Understand what emotions you are feeling; people are so conditioned to only show anger.  We were not made to feel angry; if you feel anger figure out what it is that is really bothering you; you have control over your thoughts; and I’d say happiness and fun should always prevail.  When you bottle up your feelings and ignore them you will never practice understanding them.  If you don’t know what you are feeling that is ok; a lot of times we don’t completely understand the things we feel; but always talking  and self exploration will usually lead you to the answer…this is crucial in relationships in the future with mutual respect.  Allow yourself to feel your feelings, if something that happens makes you sad; it is ok to be sad, it is ok to cry.  Emotions are always OK; but you have to understand your own before you could ever try to understand another’s. When you allow yourself to feel great things happen for example, You feel sorry for someone who had a hard time, Sympathy for another. Sympathy drives people to be empathetic ~to help another, make a change, because you can relate you feel sympathy; empathy is actually caring so deeply you have a strong want to make a difference, that is when you are most likely to work hard to make a difference in the life of another.


MAKE a positive difference in this world; and that is all.


Who am I 

During times when we try to find out who exactly we are, we experiment and try different things;

We may look at pictures of old times and notice we may physically look different, video’s from the past show us acting differently~ Don’t ever be afraid to explore who you are, nothing is permanent; if you decide you don’t like something after all it is OK to change your mind.  Always follow your instincts and do those things that make you happy, and always in the direction of your goals; if it feels right inside your soul, it probably is.  If something doesn’t feel right; it probably isn’t what you should be doing; trust your inner voice~that is God talking to you.


If you make mistake learn from it; forgive yourself… be true to YOU <3


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