Robert E Lee High School 

July 2015 Petition Keep the name Robert E Lee

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The Lee High School Situation Just Got A Lot Worse

Former Confederate General, Robert E Lee (1807 – 1870). (Photo by Mathew Brady/Getty Images)

Did I just hear her say that?

That was my reaction when I heard NE School Board President Shannon Grona reveal the real reason the trustees decided to drop the name Robert E. Lee from the popular high school.

Ms. Grona told Jack the board has received threats of violence from both sides of the issue, but that the board feared the side that wanted the name changed more.

They believed the change side was ready to act with violence against children if the board didn’t change the name! Therefore they believed they needed to act in order to protect the students from lurking danger.

Her voice was shaking. She was obviously rattled. She was afraid.

Questions came rushing to my mind…

Did you file a police report and turn over the evidence such as the emails for investigation and prosecution?

If the threat is so real and imminent, why will the school remain Robert E. Lee High School for the 2017-2018 year?

Did the board just open a keg of worms? What’s next now that those who are terrorizing the board with threats of violence toward children know they can get the board to do their bidding?

Why were we told over and over that the reason for the change was about Robert E. Lee when the truth is someone, or numerous someones, frightened the board into the change?

And finally the one I hate to even ask, but….

Is this real or an excuse?

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