DECEPTion ~n~ RELATion

People. We are each a unique soul that exists in this world!


Life~is a problem; it is NOT the solution.

We are created~

We create~

We learn~ as we observe~


We Experiment

Along the way we get screwed~

or misCONStrued!

Life hurts at times, I mean sometimes just getting out of bed and dressed is a triumph.


I think it is good to look back and learn from our hard falls and realize just how far we have come.

Recently, I have noticed more and more people are not what they seem to be; there are a lot of fronts, fakes, and phoneys.

TRUST~The key to Social Harmony

We are forever getting hurt, sometimes it is intentional by people who suck, or the person who you thought was a friend…

Sometimes we get hurt as a consequence due to our own stupidity, and sometimes it is just a natural part of life to strengthen us, teach us a lesson we have yet learned. The wise say~be ready, vigilant, we are all just in training for our ultimate victory~ the final plan; “our purpose” what we are here on earth for~our destiny.

I think what I have been learning lately is that while it may seem protective to resist, that is a lie. Don’t resist anything that is thrown your way, you are strong you are magnificent; God didn’t create a mistake. Talk about the disappointments, admit the fall outs, admit your own weaknesses~ because if you don’t it will literally eat you up inside, you can’t achieve a better relationship if you don’t know exactly what is working and/or what isn’t working. We need to know and understand what needs to be eliminated or added; being specific with yourself is crucial or the goal will not be met, ideas may flow easily but making the improvements takes a conscious working effort.

The past has NO POWER over the present moment.

Whatever it is you are facing today, whatever it is that is causing you to be sad, don’t allow it any longer; don’t be denial about the truth that is yours or to accepting a different truth after further understanding; we are supposed to be helpful but also know when someone understand what we do not, listen with an open mind, forget for a moment preconceived notions, when someone you love is trying to share with you realize how blessed you are that they want to help and care. What you end up understanding, is your reality; and if you are in any loving relationship with another; you know that sometimes their reality is so different; but don’t keep your eyes closed; and don’t allow them to close their eyes; because love is too beautiful.



The Paranoid Partner


When people resist it is very noticeable, you should flow together like a wonderful dance; and if you will never dance like you want; it is obvious from the start, from the get go; but how beautiful it is when someone is so willing to learn your steps. <3

Always keep around the ones who make tomorrow even better than today.


Peace is the ONLY battle worth waging!

I love to learn, my way is not always the best way; a lot of times it is; but sometimes I learn my greatest lessons from my own kids!


We are blessed and cursed to have a whole internet full of information, so many opinions, so many truths and just about the same number of lies… but we all know the best answer always is found within; trust your instincts. The “real stuff” like love, understanding, friendship, laughter, fairness, trust, is all found in the innocence of a child; trust the child to remind you what you need to hold onto. While looking down to the little ones is always better, always know that looking up is the BEST option~ God understands what we have yet to, pray and ask you will receive, the strength you need will increase to infinite bounds. When we harden our heart, we become deaf and blind to the things of God, his plan for us, and all he has done for each of us.

The lesson will never be understood and learned while emotionally angry or defensive; so get the feelings out-of-the-way and begin to express and try to understand; sometimes it takes a break or a few to get emotions under control. The greatest distance between two people will always be~MISUNDERSTANDING.
If you want to have the best relationship with those you love there are 2 ways to get it.

Way 1~Work hard everyday on staying connected, and understanding the similarities and the differences you all share.

Way 2~ Give, Respect, and realize the other person is perfect just the way they are; it is up to only YOU to worry about changing yourself for the better~ only to be happier for the moment after. EVERYTHING you desire should be what you already have in front of you!

Realize while it is always wise to plan for the future, be realistic, it isn’t promised; it may never show.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Those little things that you know your other likes, give, give, give~ you don’t keep a score card of how many times you have done them; you don’t do it and put it on hold until it happens again; you do it over and over, again and again! Perfect people don’t exist, find out if this is the one who makes you happy, and help each other as we really help our own self… and as you work hard on issues, the world stays busy with clueless clones of recyclers who exist in this world; blaming all on everyone else and never realizing it.

The people worthy to be in your life, are those ones who stood by you during the hard times, and laughed with you once they pass.

Practicing forgiveness is something I wonder if I will ever get a grasp on; I consider myself very understanding but I know we all fail at times. There are times we are weak, tired, and just allow a side of us to exist that we have never seen before. The act of forgiveness is one of the greatest displays of love, that is the price Jesus paid for me and you; so that we would be forgiven; and in the end he still chose to forgive those who hurt him the most.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful & just & will forgive us of our sins. We will be purified from all unrighteousness ~ 1John 1:9

Finding Peace~ We imagine it, and we hope to find it; and we expect it to be in a quiet place, a place where no troubles exist, a place where no work or effort has to be implemented.

Peace is all places that you maybe, amongst the everyday hustle; but it is the calm in your mind and heart; the thoughts that speak to you and fills you with hope, a hope for happy days to follow. Peace is appreciating everything the world gives you each and everyday. Appreciating the worldly gifts that gives you true joy in the everyday miracles like a beautiful bright sky and the warmth of the sun, the magical lights of the dark night sky, counting stars and feeling so insignificant and finding your humble spot, the feeling of the surprise rain that cools down your body as it hits your skin after a long exhilarating run, the overwhelming understanding of true comfort you recognize while holding a newborn baby, the amazement we ponder on when we see an array of flowers that have colors so vibrant it as if they are jumping out into my own world, and realizing we really were never divided, the satisfaction in feeling safe and really knowing someone else really has your back . Peace is knowing those you love are where they should be, no matter where that may be. Peace is not just recognizing but using all your God-given talents, perfecting your craft to make a positive difference in the life of another soul. When you get to that tranquil state where Peace will lead you; that is where you will find the strongest power that emerges from within.

When you find Peace in your heart and mind; the tranquility will leave you feeling drunk of happiness, you smile and laugh and aren’t afraid of being silly, because all that matters is the very moment of joy. WARNING haters don’t like laughter, they will mock you, harass you, try in any way they can to make you leave and come into their world. They don’t believe happy people are real, they can’t understand the energy, they can’t stand the illumination that radiates from your smile…


Do you feel Peace in your soul, if not Go, find it today!

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