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Writing can be difficult at times, if I am given an assignment my role as an author is to write about my knowledge, facts, or feelings at times about what I currently know, understand, and or think about the topic; in an easy read.

My mind may feel emotional, jammed, and confused, working through the words is like a maze at times, faced in a challenge most wouldn’t understand was taking place while reading.  The goal is find an effective way to make it clear, precise, effective, and remember it must be entertaining or no one will come back for more.

Keeping it real

I usually take my “production” aka… article and will almost always network for my biggest fan~

ME”; (LOL)

and share my writings on my social networks for all the people I care about and share my life with.  I’d like to think that in some way the people who read my articles can relate to one, if not a past article, hopefully the current, and God willing a bunch of future write ups.

Everything I write about does reside in me on some personal level, some have visited on an occasion, others have frequent “time-share” visits~ and don’t ever want to leave, then there are the moments that are re-lived in my life without fail!

I am extremely open, I am brutally honest so I have lost a few writing jobs due to the fact I am not a conservative writer but nothing in my life is sugar coated so my words wouldn’t be either.  I am going to share today some current/random thoughts… dealing with my own life or what I’ve been observing in the world lately.

First, I am going to go back to one of my first thought provoking, basic psychology analogy’s because it is a favorite dealing with observation and perception… I knew at this basic Freshman Psychology 101 moment It was calling me, Psychology!

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

In a real-world scenario for instance, one could change this to~

If a person believes promises were made to be broken, and breaks a promise to someone who they’ve promised; have they really done wrong by breaking a promise.

Well, one thing is for sure people have really made a play with words and most lawyers can win cases by twisting them into what fashion they must.  The funny thing is that SOUND WAVES cannot be produced without the presence of an ear to turn them into sound.

One person’s reality of the world really is creative in their own mind; and what your own understanding of the world maybe currently maybe differently later. Sound is a form of energy, like light… Air molecules vibrate and make sound waves if we hear it we recognize that “sound.”

Not everyone recognizes your sound, find someone who shares the same love of sounds, or wants to listen to what you hear.

However, what I am oblivious to, may not live in my world, but may live in another’s… like God for instance, just because the tree doesn’t know I am alive, doesn’t mean I am not alive. God is alive because I have given him life in my world; just like everything else I want to thrive in my existence; I breathe life into it each next moment.  I chose to give God life in my world because I believe he gave/gives me life; end of debate. What we want we keep, what we don’t we shouldn’t; but sometimes we do a little too long. WHY? We all have our own reasoning and should be honest about figuring out the reason/s.

Beliefs are unique; sometimes we don’t know or understand when they became into our understanding; but they are very strong and for some of us very hard to change ~for what we believe to be true, is our truth.

I tend to be honest and truthful therefore I believe others~ in the past, I have felt gullible and naïve after realizing just because I have those qualities not everyone does.   I can change my beliefs about people being honest by lessons learned after meeting more liars, but my natural tendency would be to believe in another especially if it is someone I love.

I wasn’t born honest and truthful it isn’t some lucky trait I just happen to have, it is a choice and always isn’t easy. Love is a verb not a noun! So many people think, I love you and that is all… No, you choose to love each next moment and sometimes one may not always choose love; and that is when they need to admit the truth to themselves.  As we grow we learn how to get out of “trouble” dodge unwanted discomfort’s, we learn what works, what doesn’t and after a while we tend to get even better; being a con artist is actually very easy; you basically get better with time, forming no real relationships and losing emotional connection to eventually all your relationships.

Remembering back to my middle school years, I remember a few phrases my dad would tell me that really made me think~ “Michele you lie so much you believe your own lies…”  “Michele, I know you are lying and so do you, right?”  Well sometimes I wasn’t’ and if I was I really wished I wasn’t, but I didn’t want to let my dad down knowing I had already let him down, so I let him down by lying my way out of it????? LOL it never works kids!

The time that I remember the most was when I was in/out of lies, sneaking out, just being a rebellious teen and he told me to look at him in the eyes; he looked at me straight in the eyes and I could see his hurt; not at any actions done; but at that particular moment where we both knew we lost that connection with each other, I could see the love in his tired tenacity but the hurt in his eyes; when I looked way deep in that place I didn’t look when I lied. I knew I wanted back in his heart more than anything more than any price I had to pay, I knew at that moment the truth was the only way… or the price would be our relationship.  I think sometimes some people never get that moment, or they don’t have a true understanding of what a lie does to a relationship.  “Everyone is lying~” is what we are made to believe, NO, no not everyone is lying; and if they were… KNOW YOUR WORTH; your better than that.

Take the blinders off about whatever it is in your life that isn’t keeping you in a positive sync, be honest about yourself it isn’t about anyone else. If you are cheating anyone, it is really YOU your cheating, that is why your confidence is gone and after a zillion excuses your dignity is nowhere in sight. If you continue to allow a liar, cheat in your life you should because your both liars, lying to you ! Decide to love yourself today, live your life with people who love you, are on your team…respecting you and the relationship… The words, I love you, are not and will never be enough.

Allow the truth to register in your head, yes imagine all possibilities… No matter how sick they make you. FACE THE TRUTH, and even after you yell, scream, and feel devastation with all the discoveries… There are 2 choices left…

1.) Comfort yourself with rationalizing everything… Live with “love” felt during seduction until the spiral turns once again…

2.) Live with truth and trust…

When it comes to lies, don’t even begin!

Let’s learn how to hear another’s music especially if it creates unity.

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