a Daughter says goodbye~

Be strong and courageous, and do the work.  Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.  He won’t leave you or forsake you. ~1 Chronicles 28:20

One of my best friends Veronica, had to say goodbye to her father, the Lord called him home.


I sit here praying for strength, that I maybe strong enough for her so that I can assist in leading her to a direction where, together we can courageously do “the work” that is needed to take care of all the loose ends in finalizing a chapter in her life, she isn’t quite ready to close.

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I’ve known her father, but only after he was already in his older years, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and after all the personality/temperament changing aspects of life with dementia.


I spend today, in his apartment along with her preparing and planning to assist in situating the necessities he will no longer need.  I couldn’t help to wonder more about the tales that his belongings began to tell. His apartment provided many truth’s, just as my friend had always told me, he seemed to be a very simple man, who enjoyed living a simple life.


Jorge Melchor “Garcia” born April 23, 1936 in Monterrey, Mexico; my friend calls him dad and she holds so tight and dear to her many fond memories of his love and all he gave to their family.


Losing a father is hard, losing a daddy, is even harder!


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I realize some of the best qualities that my friend Veronica holds, come from this man who was her father, Jorge.  My friend Veronica can be described as what we would say a, “Wonder Woman,” she is super tough, her demeanor holds her own and then some; she is quick to put a person right where they belong, because life is too short and that has been proven to her time and time again.  My friend holds her values strongly near her heart, she’s hard-working, a great friend, and honest; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Veronica’s father, Jorge spent many years working hard to provide all he could for his family.


Jorge gave his family much; but most importantly, he gave them all of his love, a feeling of safety, and good old fashion comfort.

As a young boy Jorge Melchor learned hard work was the way, he spent his childhood working hard as a migrant worker in the fields of U.S. soil.


He worked delivering locally as a truck driver, until an on the job accident caused him to lose 3 disk in his back; he was a tough man, a man’s man~ loved cars, enjoyed using his brain to mechanically put back what needed to be; especially if it was a car.



Mr. Melchor loved boxing; and spent many years enjoying participating in the sport of boxing as a young man.  A fighter in so many ways, always ready for protecting the truth and loved ones; I realized where my friend Veronica learned her ways.


I realized if I would have known her father growing up, he would no doubt be my friend; with so many similarities,  one main one being his love for Bruce Lee movies. Mr. Melchor is 100% cool~


🙂  I do realize he has always been my friend; as he lives on his daughter…


It is no surprise, Jorge had a love for the old Western movies; Mr. Melchor was known by others as La Chispa; english translation~ The spark from a firecracker!


The more I rummaged around I began to remember all the stories she had shared with me over the past years;


I realize there is so much to Jorge Melchor that any one person could capture.


I do want to share a few interesting facts I have concluded.


My friend’s father was so much more than, “dad,” he was secretly a fierce romantic,


His music collection left us with reminders from a gentleman who lived long ago during a time I try to understand.  Despite his modest beginnings, in a place called Monterrey, Mexico; he held onto his deeply rooted classical taste that musically gave us insight into his visions of love; and the story of his one true love.


February 4, 1968 is when they said, “I do.”  My friend, Veronica parents were married, and then taught her all about what family means.


Our imaginations and heart began to give us a sweet thought in peace as we spoke about how we envisioned their romantic reunification; (as his wife went home to the Lord years before him) as Mrs. Melchor took her husband along with her, home.


We cried and laughed and imagined the most likely, as he met with his love again, dancing with her in delight as he sang to her their old favorite song; and this time; his voice never left key~

The pictures of memories he leaves behind shows so much of the man he was, and one thing he was, was fun.  Jorge had a sense of humor even through pain and health issues never ceased to exist.


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Tonight, we pray~ and I am finding peace realizing God has granted me the strength, as I am reminded of the truth; my friend hurts as she holds on tight to the memory of her father; but as she longs to bring back the old days, I can feel his contentment in heaven, home where he belongs and remind her when the time is right.  One day, my friend will see her father again, but in the meantime on earth we are left searching for reminders that are loved ones were once here.  If we close our eyes, and open our hearts to God he will give us those moments of reminders, and with faith we will even hear once again the memory of his laugh that lives forever in our heart.  While we pray for that moment once again to just feel his arms around us, in a tight hug; while we may shed many tears not realizing he is already holding us tight soul to soul, I can remind her of the truth.


If you ever lost someone close to you, you already know… if you haven’t, you can’t possibly imagine~ 

The hardest part of losing someone we love is that the loss is forever, the person can’t be replaced, and it doesn’t get easier if you had them in your life and now you don’t; we just learn to live on this earth without them and for some that takes a while to do.


We learn to build our life without them, and it hurts, it makes us feel guilty, angry, and it doesn’t seem fair but it’s what we learn to do.  We learn to feel whole again, but we will NEVER feel the same; and because of their special light that lit a “spark” in our soul; forever leaving the memory of its impression-la chispa! It is  ok, we would rather have, if for even a brief moment, while we learn finally to accept they weren’t really ever “ours.” We live on, feeling blessed to have had time with them while we did.


I find it interesting, as it has been said, ~” Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.”  How about breaking that belief; and give thanks today in the memory of Jorge Melchor and others that are no longer with us by showing gratitude today.

I wrote this tonight in memory of Jorge Melchor, services for Mr. Melchor are pending due to funding; if you can please assist in any donation possible so this “simple man” can have a simple burial or service in his memory.  My friend financially doesn’t have funding to put her father to rest; no amount is too small; to help if you can donate please do so at~

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