Generations ~

Traditionists(1900-1945) have huge respect for their elders, they don’t believe they hold the answers but believe all those great before them have paved the way…they forgot to be remembered, thus, no one really remembers them anyway!

The ” baby boomers” (1946-1964) are all addicted to pain pills. Are stuck on “remember, me” that they forgot to remember their offspring and come home from work! Get mine , get mine, get mine!

Generation x(1965-1980) for the first time the scale emerged to balance work and family. Struggling the most financially because we don’t have to make all the money if it means sacrificing family. We are living skeptics, because money is more important than it seemed, and our old “balance”ways don’t feel so effective when we aren’t blowing off the charts like our millennials… But we were built to be, well, unimpressed!

And our #1 worry was…

Millennials(1981-2000) parents were so unimpressed by each other they divorced. Copy and paste got this era believing they can fix it all!

Raised keeping their Minds busy

Digits its all about the digital age

Generation z(2000-Present) is eating tide pods for likes on instagram! More to come once we figure em out

Huh ????

I am Generation X with a Millennial child and 2 Generation Z’s…!

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