Siblings ! Thank yours today!

God knows what he is doing, yet we question him and beg him for different results in our life. We plead for him to make changes …

Be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for him. Psalm 37:7

When my baby girl Miley was struggling to learn her alphabet in Kindergarten, I was so concerned, and what concerned me the most was she didn’t seem to care. I would say them and she would blurt out any letter. I was thinking she was being stubborn and just refusing to learn, then my worries blamed possibilities of dyslexia… She was extremely smart and didn’t seem to have any learning deficiencies, I worried and my mind was playing visions of her not getting to college all because of those alphabet!

As parents we are so concerned with every thing we don’t need to be when it comes to our kids. People ~ other parents, also like to worry other parents, ” oh my little perfect Ellafitzgerald is already speaking 5 different languages… The worry sets in … I wondered if she would ever write … Writing is my passion, how can my child not like letters that make words!

This is our clue, wait and let God work! We feel if things aren’t going our way we must speak louder, shout, and the louder we yell it seems will be the day we lose our voice. Don’t allow anything to interrupt your peace, especially worries that aren’t a valid concern.

So if your world is nosey today like mine was yesterday; turn off what you can, find peace however you can.

After my long hard day yesterday, I woke up to finding this video at first I was shocked, then I couldn’t stop laughing, I miss my babies being babies!

New Parents don’t waste your precious time it goes way to fast. It is OK if not everything makes sense all the time, the truth is if I am meant to have the answers I will, at Gods time not mine!

Picture 135

Today Miley is 11 yrs old, loves to read and wants to write and she finally learned those ABC’s when she was ready! 😂 I had almost forgot her struggle until I found this video on an old laptop~

Siblings, gifts given to us to keep is real 💯❤😉 #toughlove

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