Happy 10th yr Anniversary permanently exposed!

Happy Anniversary to me

& my blog

Made for the opportunity to gain an avenue that would allow me to encourage others in all the ways Michele is made of, humor and positive thinking is where I thrive; and work to stay!

Sharing personal overcomings can get emotional at times, but I promise just as I have done over the past 10 years on this website, to fight through the pain, and take down any and all defense mechanisms that interfere with the my personal growth. I aim for 100% 💯 exposure of the truth, especially when it isn’t easy to accept.

Don’t allow others decisions or opinions make your reality, inform yourself with knowledge and make your own educated decision. I will always share what I know and believe, but nothing is ever set in stone and I give myself the right to always change my mind if/when given more information.

I am thankful my website has given me the opportunity to really realize how powerful simply using our “voice” / spreading our message is. Keep people around and avenues of information that lifts you; and you can hit every mark you set out to achieve. Believe in yourself!

It has been a beautifully wonderful romance I’d say, the day to day sharing of all the engaging moment/s we share together that fashion into my own recorded history of my personal survival in this battle of life.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom, top, sides, and all in between my heart for visiting with me, watching my video, laughing with me, and I will even take the laughs at me. Thanks for struggling through the hard reads, and still coming back for more. People can say they support you, are your advocate but the truth is in the puddin 😉 if your reading this, you are my true supporter and I’m thankful !

My heart and soul live here..

The simple support of a visit makes this website more powerful, so YOU make the difference just reading or watching! The sharing of my blog, an article, a video… Really intensifies the difference by bukkos! 💕❤💖 Those who share, care 😉 and instantaneously have a more special intimate relationship with permanentlyexposed and me!

10 years, running my site alone, I have to take the moment to pat myself on the back for endurance, and keeping the heart alive to continue. I am proud of the way permanentlyexposed has grown over the years and taken a personality all on its own molded by my everyday expressions.

11,100 hits and traffic increases on the daily! 4336 visitors opens a potential for me to share with people I never knew existed …and come to find how similar and connected we really are.

Remembering back to the days when the struggle for topics was a challenge, it is always amazing when hard work, persistence, and dedication move you to the point where the early struggles are vague memories.

I am currently at 205~posts. Hard work hasn’t felt like work at all when you do what you love. I know some of my blogs have been extremely emotional, I pour my heart and soul into my work. Taking pics, making videos, storylines, music , and then bringing it all together … It’s what I love. Taking the time to give me your time is what drives me even more.

I am grateful I have an opportunity to work on my craft even more so lately, its given me the opportunity to really concentrate on areas of my website I hadn’t been able to before.

I pray and hope that more and more people will join in, live their days with me laughing, loving, forgiving, and learning new ways to just live !

Michele Renee 💯💕💋

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