My children, these days…

As parents we can be so hard on ourselves, for so many reasons that are completly unnecessary and benefit no one ! We need to realize that every single person on this earth, is here on this earth for a distinct purpose, we don’t even know our particular destiny, and yet we feel we know someone elses… I doubt it !

Guess what, it is not your job to fix anyone, not even your children. The only thing you can offer is support, God has given them the power to do the rest. For example within a seed you plant is the blueprint for exactly what they need to be…to grow into what that seed is destined for. How can you know what they need if it isn’t meant for you to give it to them, they are not flawed or imperfect. If you don’t accept or try to interfere with their growth, you are blocking their development.

Let go of the guilt that comes along with problems and obstacles we/our children are facing. It is in a parents nature to try and take it away or solve problems for them. We can help each other face a problem, but an individual problem is their own for their own growth. We need to trust our children and show support by letting go of worry, and simply helping them with their reactions. We each need compassion from those we love, but we also need our challenges, to make us strong, and learn those specific things we need.

My children,

I hope you realize I make mistakes all of the time and I hope you learn to forgive by forgiving me. I hope you continue to realize you are patient, because I don’t hand you everything you want. If I am not perfect and God gave you me, to be your guide then realize it is OK for you not to be perfect too. Things have not been easy, but together we have learned to cooperate in our own unique ways. Its been hard to not do for you but when I see your smart, able, and creative I know I won’t do for you what you can do for yourself. The last few years we have had a lot of loss and some painful times but that has taught us compassion a much more significant gift than anything material. When people or haters make our life difficult, we can be thankful they have taught us how to deal with adversity. We haven’t had it easy by any means but we have learned to persist and find our inner strength.

So when it seems we are losing, we are really winning, winning big!


Mother madre, mom, mother, mama

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