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I got my first tattoo about six years ago on my birthday!  My best friend Gustavo suggested a tattoo artist named Joe Al.  I wanted to pick someone who was not only professional in their artistic design; but someone who I was sure was awesome with colors, angles, precision, proportions, placement; and who would also allow us to play with ideas of where this tattoo would eventually end up to be in its final stage; I am in a lot of ways a perfectionist.  I have seen people’s banners on their body look like a piece of fried bacon; I wanted the best!  After each of my tattoos; I knew Joe Al would be the one for my next, next, next, and next~


As we began to discuss the tattoo in mind, shortly after I walked in, I immediately knew I was where I should be as his musical selection began; the mood was exactly where it needed to be. I am extremely loyal and unlikely to go elsewhere unless Gus himself does it.

I think the demeanor and professionalism of the chosen tattoo artist is of utmost importance; it isn’t only a “BEGINNING” or “END” that will leave a FoReVeR mark on your body; one’s comfort level is extremely important for an experience I would say in a lot of ways it is extremely intimate especially if it is a tattoo done in someone’s honor; or closing an emotional chapter.  The experience getting the tattoo can be the end or the beginning of a new chapter but in addition, it will now be a specific part of a new memory adding to a new experience that is finalizing a journey which you can manipulate in your own way or beginning a hopeful one while you are in control.

My 2nd tattoo


Both of these were during a time I was leaving behind an almost 20 year marriage; so these were emotionally driven.  I would have to say the experience was extremely empowering.

A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise

I love color and I knew I wanted to add color to both more anything as soon as possible.  But, I also knew the colors were extremely important in meaning and had to be picked with much thought.

When I went back to Joe Al I knew I wanted to add something I would love along with the color to make my key even more significant.  The design was completed by my best friend at the time, Gustavo.


He did a skull which we often spoke about how much we were drawn to.  The representation of the human head that holds the most important part of our being, our brain.  I have my degree in Psychology and for years I was obsessed with the human brain, and during my later years of my courses in study; I was sure I wanted to be a Neuroscientist.

I LOVE the BRAIN!!!!!! My favorite topic is the brain!!!! Brain: apparatus with which we think that we think~~~~~

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots~ Marcus Garvey

A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than
much knowledge that is idle~ Khalil Gibran

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My favorite color is purple and Joe Al knew exactly what to do with the color; as in some sort of magical mist; it’s the essence of what lives inside my head.

Gustavo felt the skull represented a masculine side; I definitely hold masculinity in my being.  I am so girly in outer appearance; but my spirit and being is extremely masculine.

The vine with thorns is protective in nature; surrounding my key; I am extremely territorial with what is mine and the vine and thorns represents that protection; especially during a time in my life where I was completely manifesting into a different level of love and commitment.


“The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain.”

A body is a journal; and what its ornate with, tells a story~

Every tattoo has an interesting story!

Wear your heart on your skin in this life.

“Tattoos are a right of passage. They’re a marker of bravery, of maturity, of cultural experience. The Tattoo represents not only a willingness to accept pain-to endure it, but a need to actively embrace it. Because life is painful-beautiful but painful!”


Someone commented in my tattoo album I have on Facebook, here is a copy of my album below.

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The comment was on a pic of a tattoo I have; that I got 2 years ago

2018-04-18 (2)

When someone on Facebook comments on a picture or post no matter how old it is it comes up on everybody’s news feed and many people think it is a new picture.

My grandma is 83 years old so she is extremely old school; and I have joked on Facebook numerous times about her “forgetting” about my tattoos; and I am forever getting in “trouble” for them over and over again.  Just like when I was in middle school; she would yell at me for writing and having drawings on myself with pen; but back then, no one really had tattoo’s unless you were a sailor or in the military. 😀

2018-04-18 (5)

2018-04-18 (1)

So, a 2 yrs old picture caused a lot of distress to my grandmother; in which I reminded her she already knew about it and reminded her I had kept my word since the day she saw it and I’d promised her to always wear a full length skirt in front of GRAMP’s who she said I would be responsible for giving a heart attack to! I’d kept my word, which was hard for me.  (Complete Double standard)

I think it is an extremely sad thing when someone can’t be their self; or has to put on a front especially for the people who mean the most to them. It is almost as if the love is full of conditions; while it hurts I try to understand the way of thinking was different back in the days and for some by the time they are of age stuck in ways they won’t change their mind.

However, I would never stop my son or daughters from getting a tattoo; I would never discourage any woman even though it is very hard for us with tattoos especially with so many still extremely conservative and ignorant views. I think it is sad for any woman to feel that she doesn’t have the same rights as a man or just a human being to do what she feels she needs to do with her body; so many feel they have to question or justify a woman’s reasoning; if she isn’t hurting or having a negative effect on anyone else; why is a woman needing to continue to explain her reasoning.  The truth is, no matter how displeased anyone maybe to see a tattoo; a tattoo does not have the power to give someone a heart attack or any other health ailment by viewing it on another’s body.

In fact in so many ways; my latest tattoo represents what this whole article is about in so many ways.  The truth is my last tattoo’s meaning is true, 100%, and beautiful!  I didn’t plan on putting up a picture of it completed with color because I didn’t want to rock any boats for people who shouldn’t even be riding on this boat.

After much thought, I decided I am going to include it in this article however; and I would like to add that I have no regrets and I am in love with it.

My last tattoo represents my current part of my life; so it is very dear to me; even though I have had it for two years already; it is now! It represents all the hurt I have had the past few years; the let downs, the people lost, the dog is the perfect representation of me…  and the funny thing is Gus crafted this representing himself.  We were both holding onto life together the past almost 8 years; so it is the perfect representation.

The dog in this piece represents how we feel in this world at times, completely ripped apart!!!!! Without, the comfort of skin in which we all have that is very different looking we are all the same; made of bones.  So many people hold onto so many discriminations and prejudices when it comes to the color of our skin; and how it is adorned.  When we are raw… skull and bones we are all the same; but even then… in between the protection of our ribs resides the heart.   The world can scar me, rip me, eat my flesh, watch me fall; but my heart; I am in control of my heart and my heart ❤️ is still intact, I am still and will always be me.  I will always do what is right for myself, for me, my significant other, and my kids.  I can be stripped of ALL possessions; lose all I have ever acquired, but never my heart!  Surrounding the dog; the flowers because even when life has completely been twisted beyond repair; and fallen from the highest heights; or felt drowned in the harshest air depleting ways, there is still so much beauty in the world.  I love all the eyes the dog holds; eyes are the window to the soul; and to me each is expressing a different personality; a different expression, a different side of the self. I wear my heart on my sleeve and when you look at this dog; you want to know more. There is so much chaos; it is so expressive; and even with all the chaotic feel; you still recognize the beauty… Obviously the dog/self has been through a lot but it’s heart is still the same; strong and working strong… and no matter what has come and gone; the dog allowed nothing to change its good heart ♥; Gus said he sensed a hint of paranoia I actually see strength and confidence! Here is the painting….




Tattoos do not make a person hard, soft, good or bad ! Tats are a story about hurt, pain, trials, struggles, overcomings, and so much more~   Every time I have tried to explain there are some people who are just set in their ways; and there are some people who just love to rock the boat; shame on them. Shame on anyone who continues to make another human being feel like they are less of person; or less of a woman because of ideas someone else placed in your mind about any outdated idea of how a woman should be! I am not “loose” with my morals I will say I am extremely conservative with my catholic upbringing; and people tend to believe if you have tattoos then your morals must be low.  While they can be a form of rebellion; I felt in so many ways when I was getting my first tattoo; I was upset I felt I had a love taken away from me; the till death do us part wasn’t happening; I then felt I had something that I could take to my grave; and it was my own way to say; no one can take this from me and they won’t.

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

A tattoo really puts you into a whole new level when it comes to body awareness; I think that is extremely important to someone who loves and appreciates their body; you learn to appreciate it even more in so many ways; especially when you carry something so deep and personal with you always.

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

I think when it comes down to it; nobody ever really wants to let their parents or grandparents down; and each time my grandma gets upset I have to remind her; who I am; what I stand for and what I have done; and what I do… I am a good mother; I am funny, sweet, kind-hearted, I am a good granddaughter; there for my grandparents when they need me even if it’s every year just moving her zillion of plants around; I work hard in the community giving back; i have an awesome reputation; I am crazy and kooky but everyone and anyone would vouch I am all heart; trustworthy, hardworking, great with people, I am open-minded, understanding and forgiving.  I have old fashion good morals; don’t drink, or party till i make stupid choices; I have been good to all I encounter and I love passionately from all my being… so what anyone thinks about a tattoo added to me isn’t important; when so many without tattoo’s don’t have 1/2 of the heart I do; or can sleep great at night with the choices they make or will make.

So, while tattoo’s don’t make you physically stronger, they definitely make your personality stronger; with all the strength it takes from staying true to what you represent; while the rest of the world questions you using words or expressions.  I am use to defending myself though; it seems it has always been my way of life; it is when you don’t follow the status quo; and I never will, I wasn’t made to!

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