Significant Other Project

Look for the partner that helps you tear down your walls; the one who makes you feel awake… alive; and like anything is possible!

Falling in love is hard; especially when you have fallen pretty hard and far from “love” before. The greatest realization when you begin to have feelings for another is finding all the comfort in their existence; the way they magically make you feel superior to that of all your previous selves ;). The moment when you realize you always want them around for every single moment of life; because life is just so much better with them by your side. The scariest realization usually follows, that moment when all logic reminds you that nothing is forever! The fear is real; and many will abandon ship at that moment; but not everyone. There are those romantic souls who will continue to envision life and its entirety with them by our side… and that threat of no guarantees doesn’t phase us much when we live to cherish the moment we currently hold.

Relationships would be easier if we didn’t have to end them; but sometimes it is the best thing for all parties involved. Letting go, or walking away from someone who is no longer positively producing for each other in a relationship will be painful; but stagnant waters and losing yourself is much more painful. Sometimes a person takes a piece of us as they leave; and we will often feel lost and like half of us is missing; but we learn to live differently without them. We can eventually live a new life with a fond memory of what they brought to my growth; something they gave that I will hold forever.

One of the hardest parts of relationships is realizing that you and another can share your life together; and hold differing views on certain things… It isn’t always when both people are extremely passionate, hold their beliefs dear to their heart; and have a desire to converge the other… who holds on just as strongly to their views. I always tell my kids to pick their battles with people; some things are not worth arguing about. Sometimes we have 2 paths; one is where we stand steadfast with no sight in mind to throw in any kinds of towels. The other path is a path that just leads to happiness; all those things in your mind that make you happy. When you are forced to face difficulties with another; you gain a respect that is justified; you give and take; and don’t keep score. You find a way to live with something you see odd or out of balance and accept it because the road to happiness is better with your partner by your side.

Fight Fair and try to keep sense of humor in check

Is seems the people we fall in love with come into our life at that very moment when we need to learn another part of our own self; the person plays a crucial role in this revelation; and then they are no longer active in your life; they leave or disappear.

WE all need spiritual partners; and that partner will come when you least expect it. When they arrive; soul mates always will immediately be familiar. We will feel related to them in so many ways; they actually mirror us in spirit; they are around to show us our patterns; good and bad.

If we understand this; we can take advantage of all the opportunities this world has to offer; we can do this together as we trust each other and open our mind to our true needs and feelings of content in the present; realizing everything we need; we already have!

Something about his soul makes my soul want to dance; intertwined leaving all the rest behind!

When we are on the same plane; I feel stronger, I feel great and the more we share the better I feel. When I am tired, his soul ushers me to rest until I am ready to fly again. When I am thirsty; without question he knows what my being needs; he showers me with a fresh quenching satisfaction. When I am weak he reminds me of my strength; when I want to give up; I am renewed with a strength that was found in the love for him; it rejuvenates my being. When life is serious; he makes my face smile; he brings back the innocent giggles I often try to tame. He makes my belly swirl with bunches of air from laughter we share that contracts inside like a Cirque du Soleil… it is the greatest medicine.

Emotional support, validation, and compliments! Give, Give, Give!

I miss his friendship; when our souls were reunited the instant good feel from friendship that didn’t disappoint because the expectations were just to laugh. I miss learning new things with him by my side; and I miss not being afraid if he walked away.

The hard times are always a tough but exciting battle; we both fight hard, we both are aware of our roles; but we also enhance each others greatest qualities by the loving support and hand we give … we open each others eyes to clearer paths. Be willing to work hard!

Come into my life; I will mirror you; and you, me.


WE will go to the next level and as we move forward; we will decide how long we shall stay aligned.

NURTURE this relationship; and even with the fact it may not be forever; it is still worth it. To nurture you have to plan; spontaneity can be exciting; but you have to also actually plan… how much effort you put into your relationship; will determine your relationship satisfaction. Plan time to nurture the relationship; planning time with someone shows them they are worth it… and here begins your memories of dates….

NEW hobbies and favorites

Talk, Talk, Talk be kind; this is one I truly have to work on; I don’t realize how brutal I can be. BE HONEST! If you are not honest in all you say and do; then you should work on owning up to it as soon as possible. The more you talk the closer you will be.

Share your hopes, dreams, and write them down!

My favorite and probably the most important is establishing a spiritual practice with them.

Love, intimacy, romance, and sex.

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