a VLOG for the innocent

a VLOG for the “innocent” will not be shared on social media sites like Facebook, just yet; and may never be; if you don’t follow my website you won’t see it. It will be on youtube for a short time due to an issue with my sites uploads which I will work on within the next few days, and maybe removed from Youtube.

If it is in God’s will for the “innocent” to recieve this message, I pray they find their own way to my website on this particular vlog at the time and place in their life when it will benefit them and their well being.

I have not created this VLOG to create animosity but to share my families personal experiences for numerous reasons including ecouraging others to find strength; and one day create a peace that never existed before in their life.

I do realize the Mother will see this because she watches all I do; and I will not read or communicate with you until you have found a place in your life where you can truly come to me with peace and understanding, absent of negative anger and hate…

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