Mental Illness and God

One of the most difficult parts of living with a mental illness; whether it is your own, or someone you love; is it usually gets worse at the most stressful times.  When life is hard and difficult; that is when many people with mental illness will find themselves in the most debilitating state imaginable; and it really is very hard for the complete family unit.

Many people will run; it scares them; they can’t handle the stress or just feel it is too toxic on the daily; so many will find themselves alone and grasping at everything and anything to get their life back to a semi normal state; or just a new state very unsure of what will be next.  Each family member will have a completely different experience and their own reality can vary quite differently than others in the same family unit; which really seems to put a strain on the family as a whole because it makes them believe they are alone.

The only “Peace” I have really ever found is the peace I get from the Lord.  The Lord seems to help me open my eyes and see things clearly so that I learn and grow always in a positive direction no matter what I am facing.  I admit I am human; I sin and allow temporary pleasures to give me the temporary satisfactions needed to get on with the day; but in all actuality the only permanent peace I find is in the Lord.

I am talking about a real relationship with the Lord; making time in my day to praise, worship; and ask him for guidance.  I am not talking about a specific religious movement that requires me to follow man-made doctrines for specific days and times.

Dealing with a mental illness that affects family members is hard and I often find myself sitting in Adoration for hours; crying, losing it; but then feeling the Holy Spirit and peace that makes me feel like I had a complete overhaul~make over.  I will probably spend a few hours in Adoration tonight!!!

When you ask God to feel your spirit with the Holy Spirit; it really is truly amazing.  Imagine for a moment a time you are completely broken and weak; unable to lift your arms your legs have given out; and all of a sudden you feel a spirit lift you off the floor; and hold you tight… just the way we imagine is done by so many we love; but leave us there on the floor and walk away.  Love doesn’t walk away; even when it is hard!

Like magic, we walk away; with a new song to sing; and a new dance to express but the new rhythm is so much stronger so we become stronger and sing and dance like never before.

Many will fear and say the Lord is not real; don’t trust them!  How can you look around at all the beauty in the world; the love, the kindness; understanding and not believe in God?

WE need to know and believe whatever it is in front of us; we will get through with the Lord’s help and if we ask him not only will we get through but we will soar!

Lord I will always be faithful; thank you for salvation!

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