People come and go!

I know people leave, they do for a zillion trillion reasons, sometimes it’s no fault of their own but they just get taking away by some stronger force, sometimes they leave and the timing is so wrong it ruins everything forever! Sometimes people leave because they are trying to figure out who they are, and lost and don’t realize what they are leaving behind until it’s too late to make amends.

I just know when you came into my life; when you did I did everything in my power to push you away because I needed to prove what I know and that is that people leave.

You fought me so hard, I remember when I went crazy and threw my fearful tantrum and you just grabbed me and held me and settled me down telling me you weren’t going anywhere no matter what I told you, no matter what I did! I immediately fell in love and gave you my trust !

Thank you for making me believe for almost 8 yrs that some people don’t leave no matter what ! And I’m sorry for whatever part i played for making you forget the power you really hold in your heart. I’m sorry for the fears that take over us and make the lies stronger than the truth. I hope you love again like you did before when you knew you weren’t letting go no matter what !!!!

I’m not angry anymore

I’m at Peace … a lot sad but I know love because of us! I know our chapter is complete and I move on not learning to let go but knowing I truly want to love more and more !

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