Be strong don’t weaken in times of trouble ~

Today I wake up concerned ! So, the morning concern has me reaching out seeking God, I know where I lack wisdom; my answer is a prayer away. God gives generously and without being critical.

Each decision is different in our lives some are so easy and some are so difficult, depending on consequences. It feels safer to make decisions when we have a lot of facts to back up the fact it is the best decision; sometimes we don’t have facts though. We have a long list of relatives, friends, and loved ones who don’t have the facts either but think they know our best course of action based on their own specific experiences. Loved ones mean well and feel frustrated when they think those they love are making the wrong decisions based on their own belief.

Proverbs 24

Teaches us that no everyone is out for the best interest of another, many hearts prefer violence rather than peace. If someone guides us to direction that will make trouble for another, that is the first clue.

By wisdom a house is built! We can only truly have the best dwelling when it’s made with expertise, wisdom gained from the highest source available, trained with top of the line knowledge, and the greatest hands on experience available; then we will truly understand.

It is easy to look at a painful experience and dwell on the hurt, pain, or fact that it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. Every experience gives us an opportunity to learn and fill ourselves with knowledge we never understood before; we become more rare and beautiful if we allow it, we are a treasure.

The wiser we become the more power we hold and our strength is immense, we don’t just pull through we shine bright and come through like the morning sun.

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