The power of a …

I think it’s really interesting I began to write this 3 days ago, and in a matter of days the introduction had to be changed!

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips~ Proverbs 24:26

When I consider that passage I find it so true. A kiss is close, intimate, and full of sincere connection! If someone is searching for an honest answer they are reaching for a better understanding which inevitably leads to a closer realization.

After I read the passage I stopped and didn’t finish my article because I was stuck on “the kiss…” thinking about the magic a kiss holds. Allowing someone to get intimate with me in such a way as sharing a kiss, and knowing at that very moment if the connection is true. The kiss is exchanged and at that moment, words are not needed, it’s confirmed as if closed eyes suddenly opened… will it continue, you have the most honest answer in your heart, you know, you just know!

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