Don’t get blinded by BS

I think it’s really important to get in the habit of beginning each day with a lot of energy and passion to get it done, whatever it is I am doing.

Work hard at Everything in this day and soon the blooms in all I have put time into will color my world in all the colors of my essence.

Continuously building myself improving all the areas that pull me away from the life and love I deserve. Eliminating the draining energy of finding fault in others, that isn’t my journey, but always helping where I can.

And keeping only people around me who are on this climb by my side. Recognizing those who use their lips to deceive reminds me the next moment is a new moment to halt that in my own life. Lies and facades should remind me I am not in the right place. Keep reminding myself I am not like everyone else, just because others are doing themselves, or making something seem easier, I need to remember the truth that sets me apart from everyone else; even if it’s the harder route!

Don’t allow anyone to take away my judgement sprung from only the truth, and keep company with those the same. Thorns will definitely sprout and weeds can become abundant when I allow seeds sprouting other than…what a waste of efforts, if I allow it to be overtaken with ruins!

Never put the guard down, they will be waiting to attack !


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