Do you even want to know

Continuing this wonderful LOVE journey; learning love better on the daily… Today lesson makes me think about the importance of understanding.

Proverbs 13:15 teaches us that UNDERSTANDING always wins favor.  The way of the unfaithful will always be hard; and then people wonder why love is hard.  Love isn’t hard; it’s about understanding; taking the time to understand something or someone that is different than what we know.  I think more times than not people just want us to do what they say, without much thought about reason; and if it’s even working as is doesn’t matter they just keep doing the same things yet except a difference.

Are we so smart and perfect that we just expect the world to adjust to our own way of thinking?

Maybe that is where the problem is… and more times than not, that is why fools remain fools, and people cycle around that vicious circle of same issue different soul…

Trust brings healing!

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