End of Chapter

So I spent 2016-2017 fighting on the daily…with obstacle after obstacle, upset after upset, betrayal, abandonment, and creative chaos.

Everything about my life had been exciting, it was always about me being flung over the highest height which always left me breathless dangling from an even weaker and weaker bungee cord.

After a while “he” my sidekick at that time would come rescue me finally when things finally began to settle and like a sick game as I reached the top and felt higher he would then dance me off the safe net once again and laugh as he dangled in my mind all my fears.

The hardest part was realizing how two souls, who were completely in love with each other and got along so well could completely fall apart due to circumstances beyond their control. Time would prove I would be all I promised time would show you I was strong enough to hold on to us so nothing could separate us, at least while it felt worth it, and even long after it didn’t because life has built me with that kind of hope.

Once the spiraling began to unravel circumstances took over and drove our individual souls to a complete direction in this new life which would now be our own.

Chapter closed, no regrets!

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