Football and Dallas Cowboys ;*

When ever my kids comment It makes me think, because their opinions and insight matter.

This was a post I put up on Facebook talking minor smack about our Cowboys, finally getting a win.

But my daughter’s response, who I considers knows me best caught me off guard….

You don’t even like football

I spent 3 years of my life at every single practice and game in high school with my heart on the field. I passion and concern was for every single player on that field giving their heart and soul and amazing us with tons of wins ♡ best days ever…

I thought to myself, does she even know me ! Lol I grew up in my grandma’s house on the Northwest side of San Antonio when Danny White was our quarterback. I was a little girl but without fail every weekend was getting ready for football… Sunday’s were the best ever because everyone was yelling, high energy on full throttle, lots of laughter, beer, and food. My dad would get so passionate and yell turn off the TV… last quarter with hope left 😂 ! My greatest childhood memories are Sundays enjoying football with my family. We would make pots and for some reason I always won big every Super bowl…

My family would actually make props for yelling defense, even if it was only in our living room together with no social media involved.

And after a win, the pic was pure memory to always hold on to the love… of family, cowboys, and fun…

My daughters last few years was a breaking up of our family… and I’m so sorry she doesn’t even know what to feels like to have that in her home.

It really made me realize how we change for others, how we allow others to change us, and stop doing all those things that are important to us and that we love, and just fall into a trap of repetition and doing what works or doing what has to be done to not create any waves…

How years can pass and we can even begin to let go of doing all those things that make you feel great, alive, and just true to your soul.

To my kids I am so sorry I let go of Michele for so long in so many ways that kept me busy, and us searching. I know who I am I am proud and I’m proud of you all. Everyday is an opportunity to smell the Rose’s, and nothing less.


  1. Wish I could have found the photo of you and Rick with your faces “painted”for the Cowboys game. Everytime I see that photo of Andy III on the couch I laugh, cuz that was the moment he lost the pot(money not weed) and you and Juan won it by one field goal. Good memories

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