Which way should I go

Which way should I go~

Where is the road to happy town? Why do I feel so sad and see everyone so sad and struggling?

Life isn’t easy & it kicks us in the backside day in and day out, and yes it isn’t fair… And yes I should stop whining.

We will either make someone’s day or piss them off… And all we can do is follow our true self or we will always be miserable caring.

There are so many things in life we believe is the key to our happiness… We make it a point in our minds to truly believe that once “something” is obtained we will then be the recipient of the happy-self.

We achieve what we believe is the “key” and realize it wasn’t necessarily so, we then focus on the new idea that is freshly implanted in our mind.

In some people’s minds “we” seem to have it all, but we realize we still don’t have what we want.

True success is getting more but feeling happy and content with what you already have.

I know it’s hard to accept that the truth is if you aren’t happy with what you already have, the truth is nothing out in the world is going to be the secret key to your happiness.

Changing the way you feel, think will no doubt change the way you act… And you would be amazed at what follows.

People quickly hop out of relationships and tend to point the blame on the other… The truth is if you if you are holding blame, depression, anxiety, judgment, resentment, guilt, perfectionism, procrastination that needs to be worked on first.

If you find yourself holding on to regret about what you “lost,” then you are still searching for the same “lost” answers in places that don’t have them.

Surrounding oneself with people who truly love and support us is the icing, sometimes others can support us but it’s still our own personal journey.

Life is full of downs the important lesson learned should always changing it into a positive no matter how detrimental it may seem to be.

The ultimate key we can find is the one that allows us to discover our true self and find our inner peace.

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