2019 – Resolution !

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2019 – Resolution, think about yours!

2016 I vowed to work on being more “Humble” that was my resolution. I always pray and as I spoke to God with so much determination, I realized he really gives us exactly what we need. I spent the year losing a great job trying to care for my loved one with a disability. We literally lost everything, everything we had worked for and every material item I had clung to since childhood.

2017 I wanted to just feel content, after being homeless and trying to find a new normal, I basically realized I couldn’t just be the glue, I couldn’t just be content while holding on so tight to all things that I needed to let go.

2018 I began to breaking binding chains mid year I just prayed for the strength to let go, and I did. As I released the chains I let go and like a caged bird I found myself flying out of control but experiencing the most wonderful beautiful feeling ever. People saw a change and for some they didn’t like it…

because for the first time in decades I finally began doing me!

Previously, running to protect, and save everyone but me;

the end of 2018 had me flying soaring toward my happiness and trusting God as the only true protector of those I love along the way.

Remembering the true basics that were always a huge part of Michele Renee, positivity! Every situation can be turned into a positive, every person is in my life for a reason, and every toxic being needed to go…

2019 it is almost here, 5 days…

It is all about my spirit, good choices for me, and expelling all my greatness out in the world. 2019 I will be sure to feel my happiness everyday, not the happiness tomorrow will bring, the happiness I hold in my heart today for all I am and have. I will love myself and all those close to me harder than ever. I am full of love and love is all I really am certain of. I will love without holding back and without fear, I will love because I am love. I will find peace even when it’s chaotic, I will search for the peace because I deserve it and so do those I love. I will remain confident , because all in all I am the one that holds all the power!

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