1st Valentines 2019

Rico Espinoza it’s amazing when I think about how the world surrounds me with a zillion people that become my friend.

Then there’s the “one” that walks in and grabs me with a strong physical “force” and that made my body and nerves shake with our simple interactions… The only thing I really knew is that I wanted to know more.

Then our next moment comes, where there is a “physical connect” a simple kiss and or hug getting in the car was not an ordinary greeting; something magically and instantaneous happened. The truth is, I really didn’t understand at that point, I just knew that I didn’t want the night to end.

Then each day after I wake up without you, not wanting to be away… And I know you felt the same because we were never apart after that ~

And I realized my mornings are made with the first touch from your lips and I am not ever gonna let go~

My chained and protected heart β™₯ unleashed with each memory made…

Looking at your face I see into your eyes, not the eye itself but way deep inside into places I know I should’ve been a part of, greatness I wouldn’t trade for the world. I look into your eyes and feel love by a glance, not needing more, just your soul.

The smile that gives me security in my heart and leaves me with no doubt at all~ You are my man, You love me, and You are about me! And my love, I am yours, about you, for you, always!

The understanding we have shared after dealing with so much stress of life that brought on, loss, death, betrayal, mishaps, stupidity that allowed us to prove our loyalty, understanding, and forgiveness in such a short period of time. We spent the last 8 months or so building each other up, confiding in one another, and not letting go.

Playing it cool while admiring you, being you ~

And realizing over and over this is no ordinary love, your lips on mine…

Thank you for stopping the world and making it just ours no matter where we maybe when Kendrick Lamar, JCole, Luke Bryan, and Kane Brown come on πŸ˜‚πŸ’•~and all those old school beats from all our missed decades together, we are doing them again now!

πŸ’Valentine’s dayπŸ’
γ€‚οΌšβ”‚β”‚‘:. β”‚,”+β”‚οΌš
* πŸ’ŽπŸ’ *.:πŸ‘—γ€πŸŽ
πŸ‘„It’s all for YOUπŸ’‹

I love you Rico!

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