Let me be me!

Losing “ones” identity can happen very easily, and innocently if we don’t stay focused on the truth. The reason in my understanding, is because love is NOT proud!

Love is not proud. It doesn’t have to explain or boast… It just gives~

One day we give up a part of who we are, for those we love.

Love isn’t self seeking so by loving we give of our self.

One day I wake up and find I miss all those things I enjoyed and loved to do that I gave up or ignored for the sake of another.

I find myself always realizing when that is happening.

I love completely, and protect ferociously, and yearn to give my loved ones peace.

It’s not easy when I know someone I love isn’t proud of the way I express myself, I hold nothing back; its who I have always been.

I am well aware of when someone has me muting my own expressions for a minute I can feel it burning in my soul. Being a selfless person, its easy for those minutes to become days until I slowly figure out I don’t remember what the “older me” even feels like anymore, all I know is that I have allowed myself to become a newer version based on someone else’s insecurities and needs.

It isn’t until someone comes around and reminds us how special we really are inside based on our own unique expressions that stem from our own needs.

I am thankful when someone special comes in my life and allows me to remember who I really am, who i really missed. I am grateful when my loved ones encourage it by actually cherishing those parts of me that our in the essence of all I truly am. The feel of me is authentic and honest based on my own pre-planned destiny. All I know is I am found once again.

One of the biggest struggles in life is getting to the point where you truly understand, you have to do you, and in your own way.

It seems from the moment we are born, we are told how we are supposed to act, live. Specially, its even before that moment, when gender is acknowledged. Each of us tends to assimilate for others, those we love who matter to us. We want to make them proud, and we fear embarrassing them for their own understanding is different, because they are different. We are made to be different, even from our own. We all bring something unique to the world, yet we want everyone to follow a status quo to keep our own self safe.

I think the greatest gift you could ever give another human being is to allow them to be them; even if you don’t understand or agree. Allowing a person to explore find out who they are, are made to be and what they will do or become, that takes a lot of trust in God and in the individual.

It takes strength and a strong sense of identity to not allow another to live in your head based on their interpretations.

Allowing a person to be who they are is comforting, but it really isn’t enough. If the person is someone you love, then you can’t just let them be… You have to truly understand that it is the most excellent way for them at that place in time. How can you expect someone to love you completely yet you are not loving them completely. You can’t expect someone to speak your language and ignore their own and feel or have true love and acceptance from you.

If you are afraid or embarrassed of how they …

You may think your way is smarter and better but if you think differently you will understand far more and broaden your own mind and ♥ heart. You can give someone all the things that this world has to offer

but they won’t feel a fulfilling, true damn thing worthy until you give them love.

Love protects and defends~

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