Trust him 💖 🙏

Love is so powerful that even when it hurts, scars, and changes the innocence of who we are, we still hold onto it and can’t let go of what we love.

Those of us who refuse to, not let love win; live life eagerly always hoping that love wins the favor of all. Sometimes it doesn’t win, sometimes it’s calm, quiet, and settled and we have to learn how to just let it be… But then a lot later we realize it wins in the end.

Sometimes we have to trust and really learn to let go, and Let God. Trusting isn’t easy, because it goes against control and security with what we expect, but what do we have in a relationship, if there is no trust? I don’t have all the answers for those I love, all I can be is a reminder that when we don’t understand the “why’s” there is no one on this earth who can give us the answer there really is only ONE, who can and only if it’s time for our understanding.

If you speak to someone in your own language, and they speak another language how in the world can you both fully understand?

There is only one who can give us the strength we need, we need to trust his love and allow him to encourage us in the next chapter even when we don’t understand it…

And trusting is truly the only true way we will find comfort.

Through Jesus Christ!

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