Peace is all I really need!

Inner Peace has got to be one of the most valuable feelings this world has to offer, especially when you’ve lacked it for quite a while. Valuing those who bring a peace in your life for everyone is different, because we all have different needs and fears.

Inner peace comes with time if your soul is surrounded by those things which you truly need. People who bring you comfort, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and make you feel stronger. So many of us are hung up on the material things of this world, and they can give us tremendous peace especially when we have survived deprived of a lot of our basic needs. It’s great when we have an opportunity to experience happiness because our true needs are met. Happiness radiates in our soul and everyone can see it beam.

Integrity is one of the most important attributes because if we are not honest with ourselves and others, then who are we really. We can’t change our course with the new day or with people around the way because then we really aren’t who we are, the world is telling us who to be. Honesty is important because it reminds us who we are and where we will stand even when the world fights hard to make us different. We have to hold on strong to our character and morals and choose to honor our soul and those souls we love and treasure.

Making a choice to think decent isn’t always easy, and sometimes a thrill makes us let our guard down, sometimes its bad character that we learned long ago was acceptable. If it gives an unacceptable feeling to someone you really care about, why would that decision be worth it? I learned from many great others before me, that it shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice, it shouldn’t remain alive if it gives one you love a feeling of disrespect or disregard to their feelings. I know I have allowed disrespect to myself, and for what; so I could face it and believe that I would conquer the feeling when in actuality it not only gave me a greater feeling of disrespect but it made me associate disrespect from a relationship that didn’t have it before…

Never sacrifice your heart and soul for the favor of another.

When I decide if I will do something different or even the same, I have to weigh in how fair it really is to the persons involved, because no matter how habitual it maybe in my life, it may no longer hold the same life with new souls around me and if I try to make it true, that is pure selfishness on my part in something I refuse to let go.

When we put those we love feelings in perspective along comes a great trust that resonates from the soul connection that no one can quite understand but everyone can see and feel. If only others would put those they love up where they put their own selfish needs, there would be a lot more trust amongst us, less division, and true love.

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