It’s amazing how my own self can be a sell out to my own beliefs. I understand, the less sexualized my media is, the less it’s viewed, and I am learning to come to an understanding about that.

The truth is, sex rules our universe and it’s because sex is really that awesome.

The problem however is, sex loses it’s great significance when it becomes ordinary like everything else.

Temptation is everywhere and people tend to desensitize sexuality because its plaster on social media, and yes, I am guilty. People are so conditioned to watch anothers curves, strengths, veins, sweat drip and even the sound of someone’s heavily breathing and it takes us to a place where we go when we get lost in lustful instinct and all we can do is imagine what that person is like under all our senses.

People don’t really have a clue anymore what full devotion is like. If I hadn’t had full devotion I would have probably met my love sooner. The truth is when I am fully devoted there is no other. Some people require commitment in heart, body, eyes, and mind; while others can just settle for a minimum commitment.

One thing for sure, is I think we need to really take note in the way we view the opposite sex; I was single not too long ago so I know I am guilty of viewing the opposite sex in ways that were not only instinctive, but self learned, and also degrading. I just know in order to feel respected we have to know how to respect our own self… And that is something I am working on.

It’s also not a service to our own self when we write off ” hurtful situations” by saying it’s not a big deal or “it’s a small thing”, when humor is used passively aggressively used to give life to disrespect. When “humor” is nonchalantly used to reflect disrespect it’s hard to realize how damaging it really is to a relationship and how each of us gives life to the blow that will eventually take mutual respect down.

Just thinking tonight ~


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