I didn’t sign up for this ****

I didn’t sign up for this sh**!

How many of us are living a life we truly dreamed of, or can actually say have lived the perfect life.

Some are born with the perfect parents, blessed with a beautiful example about what a loving relationship is supposed to encompass. Parents that raise a wonderful family that give us a plethora of sibling love, understanding, support, and loyalty.

Then there are the others, born struggling through insecurities, doubt’s, anger, and fears while trying to figure out what a loving relationship is and isn’t supposed to really be about.

Some of us are graced in this world with all the great material things their heart desires, while others struggle hard to just make it out of hood they were rooted in, while trying hard to keep those they love feeling safe and sound.

Some individuals look ahead and are miraculously placed with the answers, as if God blessed them with a perfected photographic mind, while others have to struggle to know what answer the truth holds and while trying to make it through the climb, hope to understand the answer just a little better.

Some work hard in every way possible to change their uncertainties, and find power in the driver seat expecting a certain destination. Expectation, is where the disillusionment stems, we aren’t put in this earth to drive, it may sound cliche but solace will be found in the truth of allowing Jesus to take the wheel. Letting go and just letting the one true thing, Love.

So many of us are imitating the wrong people, our friends, family, sibling, parents, and on the daily. The only one we should imitate, who is the only all-perfect is God. It isn’t hard you can wear anything, wear your hair natural, buy nothing extraordinary all it takes is love.

Live a life of LOVE!

I am guilty, it is easy to look at all the things in life that we want to change. Jesus life was a perfect example of that, he was on this earth for his purpose, he was our sacrifice to God. Give thanks today for everything that is going right and you will begin to feel a little better every day. Trust where God is taking you even if you are feeling like a spoiled toddler kicking and screaming.

The bible tells us, Ephesians 5:6 Let no one deceive you with empty words~ no one on this earth has the answers only you need, no one can tell you what is right for you, and no one can justify you. The only light you will find is through love and in the Lord.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting.

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