Bubbles, lavender, and 💞

Finding and then allowing a person to treat you special isn’t easy, especially when it’s foreign.

My gift 💞

He dances with me in the rain and changes everything with a dance, my life in love gets even sweeter! Dancing in the kitchen is frequent but never the same. Life in love is so sweet, stopping to always dance and exchange our looks and kisses, I could have never dreamed of a better feeling than when I was little dancing on my daddy’s feet. 😊

Everyone should be with that person who makes you know, right now, at this moment you are enough. Everyone should be able to fully believe in another.

After life kicks us in the butt, it’s a true blessing to have that one, that love that makes the world fall away on a Saturday and remind you in this world you 2 share…

Someone is getting 👑 treatment this morning from my King. 💞🙏 #blessed

We connected to get lost, and for the first time in my life; I’ve been found !

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