Ladies and Lil ladies

Being emotional, sensitive, and female isn’t easy and all these wrapped together can feel like fire. Throw in that time of the month, and or any type of hormonal changes and females are a bubbly brew of highs and lows. It really isn’t easy, and men should consider themselves lucky they have the ability to stay balanced, predictable with their feelings most of the time, and have the ability to look the other way. Girls can’t run away from themselves, we can try but she will always find us.

Women don’t necessarily have that perfect option to wake up every morning in the perfectly balanced state as a testicled man and yes often times that sucks.

Women then get graced with wondeful labeles, like emotional, moody, grouchy, whiney, and off the charts. Some days we wake up so hormonal are heads in the clouds and everything that is said or not said is completely torture to the soul.

The irritability makes everything feel like a catastrophe and makes us just want to fly away one moment and the be saved the very next.

And no matter how crazy you label us to be… The truth is

One of the hardest parts of being a girl and becoming a woman, is self acceptance some of us have a hard time dealing with it during changes, and some have forever complexes. My view is … You are perfectly made by God. The world loves to keep women down and teach us differently. Some of us have huge lips, are embarrased haven’t quite embraced the beauty of their fullness, some of us pump them with toxic substances to change them because we feel they are too thin, the truth is only we can grasp the truth we have the perfect lips that someone will be mesmerized with if they love you. We have to love first, and appreciate.

Dear soul sisters I want you to know that you are complete, mind blowing and all.

Everything about who we are, the unique smell of our eccense. Just as we smell a newborn baby so perfect, the smell of pure love.

Women don’t change just find out who you truly are, and all those things you aren’t, let go… All the people you act differently around for the sake of them, don’t allow anyone to make you a sell out to yourself.

And the rest will shine. 🌞

And one of the most important things is to love yourself because someone is watching, always.

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