Strike 1 … Strike 2…

Life sends us on journeys that are not planned, journeys we don’t want to endure, and paths that we aren’t ready for… But we must go whether we are ready are not. Why is life so unfair, we are all sinners we all make mistakes but some of us have to pay more than others … Like Jesus, we all have our own cross to bear.

What a lot of us don’t understand is that sometimes it is time for us to leave everything we have known, everything we know that is our comfort because we were put on this earth to be greater than who we have been, and greater than what we are. We have to trust and go… Go to where God is sending us next, no matter how strange and scary it may seem; if we weren’t strong enough, and if we weren’t ready, he wouldn’t send us there.

Sometimes I think we need to pause, pause in this busy ever moving world and remember all those people we miss. All the people that are no longer with us, what did they bring and leave with me? What is it that we want to leave behind in everyones head and ♥?

And remember…

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