What is your Purpose today?

Personally, having a true purpose in this world has to be the most important part of life. I know for me, it is on the daily that is why I chose my chosen profession in Psychology; personally knowing I was making a huge impact on individuals, families, in this world has always been significant.

I also believe everyone in our life has a true purpose, everyone is here to help us come to that point where we are reaching our true potentials; however some are here to simply teach us lessons on truth and reality. Everyone is someone we can learn from.

One thing we tend to believe early on, is that we don’t need anyone. We believe we can do it all on our own; and some of us have done it on our own in so many ways. The truth is, we need to learn that it is ok to need another; it took me a while to trust another soul and especially to allow myself to be put in a situation where I would rely on another and know that just maybe they would truly have my back. We can’t be perfect without another; that is just the truth, if it were possible there wouldn’t be partnerships, marriage, families, friendships, teamwork, we wouldn’t have a whole world. The truth is no union will ever reach perfection until both sides agree in that truth and work together for the same cause. It is ok to NOT be strong in all areas; everyone deserves their time to shine; and no job is more important when you are working on the same cause. Working separately; is more comfortable for some who have done it; for others they want their partner involved in all areas even when it isn’t their specific time to shine; it is the support they strive on.

I know for me, dancing has always been a huge part of my life; my moment when I feel free. I love to dance; not to always specifically own the dance floor; and not to end the dance…the best part of the dance is enjoying each and every single move every step of the way. I can dance alone; it feels amazing at times but nothing can truly beat the feeling of being in a sync of moves and holds with a partner who understands the specific language in the dance.

I know it is very important for everyone to have a purpose in this world; no matter what part they play being acknowledged, and appreciated is extremely important to me. I am not saying a constant linguistic flow of praise is necessary; that just sounds fake. I am saying really allowing that person to do their part; and basking in the appreciation by absorbing it; kind of like someone making a really great meal for another and doing it with love all day; and tasting that meal and really taking in all the flavors and feeling wonderful about their work. I know it isn’t easy with children, when you work on a meal to feed your family only to find the children didn’t eat because they were too tired or just not hungry; it is easy to feel unappreciated. Can you imagine working hard all day for your paycheck while someone was spending their day spending the pay just as you made it?

I think for me; one of my purposes is making everyone I love feel like a better person, hence psychology. I would love for my significant other and children to wake up each day and know that their morning begins easier just because of me; preparing them for their day. I think one of the most important treasures we have is our home; and I think everyone should feel secure, and rightfully placed in their home; and if I can make the home feel like the best place on earth then I have fulfilled a huge purpose. I take pride knowing they want to come home; and when they do from a stressful day; they can de-stress in a place that makes them feel safe and sound. A place where we see all the significant things we have done for the day; that the rest of the world ignores.

Someone I know gave me one of the greatest compliments to this day, “I don’t know what I would do without you; I know if you were ever gone, I’d be lost in a big, big world.”

It is a great feeling knowing just being you; and all the things you do would make such a difference if you left this world. I think it is a little difficult for some to trust others and rely on them especially when you have been let down before by those who you loved and tried so hard for. I think the easiest thing to do to get started on the right path; is begin this moment seeing everything as a blessing. I think it is an even smarter thing when we have reached that level of acknowledging our blessings and taking it a step further and learning from each one. I know I love to be served, but honestly it is just as important for me to serve; and when a person doesn’t allow me to serve; I feel as if I am not needed; insignificant; and quite off-balance. It maybe just as easy for you to do someone else job; but retarding them of exultation of their own spirit is stifling and eventually that soul will go elsewhere to achieve its true destiny.

Every soul prepares for the new day, should purge what brought them toxicity, and should work on purifying and understanding how to become a blessing appreciated by others. My main achievement without a doubt is happiness, happiness is not-self indulgent for me; it is achieved from my moral integrity that stems from my true character which holds the essence of loyalty to all my values. It is so not just important for me that I am seen as valuable; but it is necessary that I am seen as the most valuable player and I will always put you in that place as well; because I try to give what I desire.

Being a true leader; especially in the family is enabling others to embrace their true spirit, make their visions a reality; make everyone realize they have a true and important purpose. Encouragement really comes natural there is no script; when someone feels they have a purpose; they become engaged in all they do; for whatever cause is necessary.

The one way to become greater as we age, is with wisdom and personal growth, personal achievements and gaining more understanding; and understanding your true purpose.

As Thomas Edison stated, “The object of all WORK is production; what we produce has a different result; each differing but all beginning with forethought, a plan, intelligence, and an honest purpose. Seeming to do is not doing.”

In order to be a true leader; you have to learn to trust your team; or you aren’t leading at all. Take a minute and share in the enthusiasm for the shared goal and purpose if you are a leader; that is the true way to deeply connect.

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