To each, his/her own!

There is always someone watching, judging, and or making what they believe is someone else’s issues their own; when they have plenty of their own.

If you go to Church; that’s great. Who are you to worry about anyone else’s soul but your own? What proof do you have your soul has more salvation?

If you have a great relationship with your parents, that is a blessing. Does it make you less of a mother, father, daughter, or son? Some people are completely different parents with each of their kids and some never even had a chance.

If you are overweight should you be scrutinized every time you put something in your mouth? You shouldn’t be eating that, I’m concerned about your lifestyle. What a way to live with others always making you feel you’re a heart attack waiting to happen. I’ve heard it all, maybe not necessarily about me, but to me.

If you are underweight, people are concerned if you even eat, and make comments at family gatherings about how said person needs to eat more.

If you exercise, weights, cardio or run for health,

what makes you better than anyone else who emphasizes exercising their mind with meditation and prayer?

If you love someone the same sex, why does anyone else have a say or have to have an explanation, do you love any less or different? No! Love is love.

If you choose to not drink alcohol are you any better than one who does?

If you do partake, who are you to measure any one else’s cup.

If you are pro life or pro choice … Hmm should I even go there???

Frustrated, I know its my own doing for putting up my life on social media. Having a relationship with others on it, wanting to entertain, but I’m good, my family is great, we aren’t perfect but we have each other. We don’t hurt anyone else and don’t negatively play a role in anyone else’s life. We live day by day trying to make it as happy as possible. If you can’t accept the person I am, leave it’s not that complicated because I have had enough negativity most of my life, and I am the happiest I have ever been. It’s not about getting lost anymore, unless it’s been a bad week 😉 it’s about finding myself and enjoying who I am and who we are.

When I was in my twenties I was a mother to my daughter and my sisters. I didn’t party at all!

Just my humor! Not a “hoe” at all & never will be I value myself too much.

I am still a mother today, but now I’m 45 and you know what I think I’ve earned the right to experience what I never had before, and if I die having fun, living the best life ever… Then I did it right!

The social media Michele Renee and the Michele Renee in the world are so different, some are pieces of me I let go of long ago but still understand, some are pieces I want to let go of and can’t, and some are simply for entertainment with a strong force backing me up out of pure love, and some are the pieces I’m working on letting go of.

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