Ready for fine tuning my song

Last year on this very date, I was reading Psalms 40 with a heavy heart, I begged God to help me and give me a new song.

Today I open up Psalms once again, thankful my life is completely changed, with a great song I sing everyday. I found a new dance in my step and am thankful and blessed for his blessings.

In just a couple weeks it will be my anniversary of one year Rico has been a part of my life. Thank you Lord for giving me exactly who I needed to lift up my spirit and make me want to dance and sing again.

Our life has not ever been completely firm and level and it takes a strong team to keep it going, so that there is a continuous strong stance that is always united.

Thankful! I understand most of my needs and I don’t just sit around idle hoping for them to just happen or one day be magically fulfilled.

I know I have wasted too many years sad, hiding from life, needing to find all the right kinds of people who make me just want to live, and letting go of the toxic people.

There are no rules or timelines to follow when God sends his gift you just trust your ♥ heart. Oh my God, your law is within my heart. Psalm 40-8

Allowing someone else to stand firmly by your side after getting hurt isn’t easy, but I will always trust my heart and your love my Lord.

Thank you for this wonderful song and today I praise you.

O Lord may your mercy and your truth always protect me.

Ready to fine tune this melody, today!

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