The Demons are here for us all !

Everyone wants to believe the world is getting worse! Each of us are living our own individual life, for our own purpose yet we believe that others have the power or are in control of our world.

Feeling great about ourselves which winning the Lottery would actually do for most of us, gives us a false sense of reality that we are deserving finally. We don’t realize with our blessings we should remain humble and are still in the same place as a servant to God in this world for the very reason we were put on this earth. Throwing all the “unworthy” people under the boss who helped you when you needed it. Friending all the people who all of a sudden now want to ride the bus with you just because your paying attention for once because deep inside your more needy than ever.

Sometimes we finally realize we will only find the peace within.

Go to the souls who remind you to have faith when your beat, not the ones who laugh along side you on the floor telling the world to fuck off, that usually only works for the darkest hour.

Spending time with clueless people will leave you right where you are…

People toxic to your soul, you’re better off being alone.

Selling our soul and doing what is wrong is not worth the temporary gratification.

People will spend all their time perfecting their body. The smarter investment would be the soul. Protect your soul because everyday the devil will try to win in, even using your body to achieve it. You need to get the strongest anchor in existence to save the most precious gift God has given you. Make sure that anchor is strong and firm and don’t let it be compromised when it shifts bring it back! The strongest anchor for your soul is written in the bible, God gives us this answer, it is HOPE. Don’t lose hope!

The most important part of any production happens in back of the curtain, and that is where hope lives.

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