Que Rico !

Yesterday morning you asked me why I loved you. When you ask me to explain, I never can because words can not give justice to the way I feel about you. When you ask me how much I love you, it’s beyond comprehension, how could I begin to show the vastness?

I know waking up every morning, no matter how tired and how grouchy I maybe is important to me because I miss you before your even gone. I find the most comfort in holding you and or you holding me all throughout the night I wonder how we made it without each other this far in life.

I love the support we find in one another’s touch. I love how needed I feel by the longing of you.

I love your sweet smile and all your different laughs even the evil ones. I love the passion in your strength in all you do.

I love our shared commitment and how we communicate and both fight every battle. I love how when I am weak, you remind me of my strength and when I’m tired you are my strength.

I love how fun both our spirit is and how we dance, sing, and laugh everyday. How ever since we met we hate the times we are apart, and how we make time during our busy day to let each other know … I love your “Good morning beautiful” perfectly timed during the brief breaks in our start of the day. I love our forever morning goodbyes as you leave to make an easier way for us. I love how for the first time, I can’t get enough of love because for the first time I’m not smothered in true love’s embrace.

I love how you just know !

I love how physically attracted we are to one another and how God seemed to make us perfectly for the other, from the toes to the head; I cherish all you are. I find beauty in the ways of your lips, they never fail to describe how important I am to you, and how much I have changed your life, as you have done to mine, and now ours. My favorite is your eyes, where I see the truth, even the truth that is hard to face, the truth I need, I see me! I see my innocence restored because I am whole again. I see a new me, a better me with new beginning to explore and enjoy. I see Michele and I see Renee. 💕 I see everything I have ever lost and understand its not what I needed or even want anymore.

I love the way we allow each other to lose our minds safely with another, and then reel each other back in. Getting lost together since 2018***

I love how we tease each other and play fight and never know when quite to stop! 😂 I love …

How we both completely understand, and don’t make each other feel wrong because our psycho craziness is equal.

I love how we have found a love together we’ve never experienced before, and all its shown me this year is how much of my life I’ve spent loving wrong. Sad with facing the fact of all our lost time.

Well now your home, our time I will forever be telling you all the ways I love you, these are just a few.

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